Apex Legends Latest Update of the New Charge Rifle!

Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, the players will get the new gun named “Charge Rifle.” This gun was introduced in the third game season that called Meltdown.

The gun made some significant changes in the game. From these ones of the significant change was The Charge Rifle’s attachments.  Players can’t extend energy magazines to the Charge Rifle.  Instead of it, the magazine size is increased to 12.

It would be the size of one energy extended magazine. When players fire, Rifle will fire four shots per magazine, and in every chance, there would be three ammo.

In this feature, Charge time and speed are similar, but the rate of fire has been reduced.

If you want to use it again, then you will have to wait for some time for another shot.  The gun will not do too much damage to the enemies that will away 150+ meters.

However, it will decrease for those who will away for 400+ meters that will deal 30 damage. Well when al these combine, it kills an enemy with rare or higher body armor. However, the Charge Rifle will be good for mid-combat fights.

 Players will use this weapon interestingly, and you will see how it would be good after this nerf.

It is the latest Apex legends update, and it also introduced many new things, such as a map named World’s Edge.

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Crypto is the playable legend of the game. Soon there will be a Halloween event that would introduce Halloween themed fight or Fight event. It will add a limited time zombie mode called Shadowfall to the game.



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