10 ways to deal with Hair loss Naturally

deal with Hair loss Naturally

Hair loss is a very pathetic situation for men. Some people have a genetic condition of pattern baldness. These people should take proper precautions to prevent any kind of excessive hair loss. Nobody wants to have hair loss in their life. The hair loss makes you unattractive and you may also feel less confident about yourself. There are several methods to control hair loss by natural means. Most of these involve the proper care of hair. This includes a perfect wash hair regularly. But, if you have the pattern baldness gene in your system, you may get the baldness in spite of taking care. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to keep the hair fall at a distance.

  • Washing hair regularly

You must wash your hair quite regularly, this retains the hair in a naturally good condition and avoids any kind of hair damage. The clean scalp can be an answer to many problems all at once. It reduces the chances of dandruff invasion, this is the main cause of hair fall. You can avoid it easily by washing your head regularly. The scalp must always be clean. 

  • Consume Vitamins

Vitamin E is the best remedy for your hair. It is also called the anti-ageing vitamin. Consuming vitamin E can make the hair grow stronger and better and avoid the loss of hair. It allows better circulation in the scalp, which allows for better hair growth. In this method, the scalp can remain healthy and clean as well.

  • Protein-rich diet

There is no doubt in the fact that a protein-rich diet is beneficial for the scalp and hair. The consumption of lean meat, soya beans, soya milk, fish, and other proteins of this type, can make the scalp healthy and strong. This allows for better hair growth. It is also responsible for curbing hair loss in human beings. The protein-rich food is good for keratin production as well. 

  • Massaging your scalp


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The scalp massage is quite important. It allows good circulation in the scalp. The hair follicle becomes very active during this, and it must be done regularly for a couple of minutes. Lavender and almond oil must be added to the oil mixture to make it more nutritious for the scalp. Sesame oil also acts as a perfect product for hair care. 

  • Do not brush wet hair

The hairs are weak when they are wet, so it is not a good idea to brush your hair without letting them dry. The rigorous brushing can cause the hair to fall immediately. You should avoid brushing your wet hair at any cost. This causes serious hair damage, and for weaker hair, a huge amount of hair fall. Wet hairs are stretched by 20-30%, in this situation, do not roughly brush them, as they will be going to snap like an elastic.

  • Vegetative products

Products like garlic and orange juice along with ginger juice can provide your hair proper bounce and shine, which is only seen when the hair is healthy and strong. These are perfect hair products which keep the hair in a thriving condition. 

  • Hydrating your hair

Hair hydration is very important, as the hair follicle is composed of 25 percent water. It is a huge amount of water for a small follicle and is the main reason for the need for water to run the hair follicle. You can easily avoid this by consuming a proper amount of water and that too regularly.

  • Reduce addictions of any sort

You must try to cut down on alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking if you want to cure hair loss. These things are very important for the maintenance of good hair condition. The hair loss problems reduce a lot if you can avoid the usage of too much of any addictive substance in your life. 

  • Avoid heating and drying

Avoid drying your hair with the hairdryer too much. It weakens the hair and causes them to fall. The cause of hair fall in today’s generation is mainly due to the excess usage of technical aspects in hair care. You must resort to natural methods. The loss of hair is much involved with the use of artificial heating materials. The poor quality products may cause serious harm to your hair. It is believed that some hair heating devices contain toxic elements for their core metal. These elements can be harmful to the hair of both men and women.

  • Care of the facial hair as well

Well, we aren’t being racist here, but the African and American men usually tend to get their hair affected more than the usual Caucasian, this is mainly due to genetic lines. Some researches show that the usage of products on the facial hair may affect the hair on the head. There are a few problems that arise in the case of men when they use lower quality shaving products. This includes the cause and formation of razor bumps.

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The main cause of razor bumps are the usage of bad quality shaving products, be that a razor or trimmer. You can avoid the razor bumps by using a good razor or trimmer. The razor bumps are quite painful and stubborn. The black men razor bumps are more stubborn, and they tend to affect the hair of the scalp. 


In conclusion, the hair fall is a pitiful condition for men, it reduces confidence and doesn’t make you look good otherwise, you are Dwane Johnson or Vin Diesel, just kidding. Your hairs need to have cared the same as you care for your skin, face and body. Because the perfect quality hairs always add the attractiveness in a man. These are some tips from which you can avoid hair fall to a huge extent. They are handy when you do not have the pattern alopecia in your genes. No product can prevent pattern baldness. You can follow these tips to avoid hair loss to a major extent.