Top Freelance Careers for 2023


Freelancing is a prospective career field in the job market. The entry threshold for different positions varies, but the tendency is clear – there are more and more freelancers each year. From 2021 to 2023, the number of freelancers in the US increased by 10 million, and the market expects a million more by 2024. 

Freelance is a valid option for a career change besides its start. The post-pandemic economy proved that many specialists could work comfortably as freelancers. Many people today consider leaving their regular jobs and switching to freelance positions like Penelope. She was a software engineer at a fast-growing company. She was very good at creating custom software solutions, and her compensation was solid.

Yet, ever-growing demands and more restricting corporate culture made Penelope consider choosing a career in freelance. She applied to one of the marketplaces and left the company after her approval as a specialist. Freelance gives freedom and flexibility that can be a higher priority than work security. 

This article overviews the most popular freelance career options in 2023. 

Content Writer 

Content writing is a wide field that includes many specialties. Freelancers may choose to become: 

Content writing is also one of the easiest fields to begin a freelance career. A job seeker needs only writing skills, a stable internet connection, and basic office software. 

Content writers create text content, from promoting articles to lifestyle guides. 

Blog writer 

Blog writers are one of the most requested content writing specialists. Blogs are a popular way of communication between businesses and their audience. Consistent and qualitative blog posting requires dedicated professionals. Freelance blog writers are a prospective direction of content writing. 

Business Writer 

Being a freelance business writer is another essential direction in the content writing career. Business writers create business plans, white pages, and guides for products.

Efficient communication within the company is essential for a prosperous business. Business writers ensure such communication via documentation. If you have knowledge of the finance field, a position as a freelance business writer may be one of the best career options in 2023. 

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Software Developer 

The demand for custom-made applications is high like never before. These industries need to increase their online presence and specialized applications in trading, education, and entertainment. 

If you are passionate about IT and want to begin a career in it, a software developer is a perfect choice for a freelancer. 

Web Developer and Web Designer

Web developers are specialists who create websites, their functionality, and their features. Freelance web developers have a wide range of available orders from websites-business cards to full-fledged online shops. Web developers of any proficiency level can find work on freelance marketplaces easily. 

Web designers are responsible for the visual elements of websites. Logos, user interfaces, and brand visual style are part of a web designer’s competence. Freelance web designers must be proficient with respective software and software development techniques. Yet, it is one of the most prospective freelance disciplines in 2023.

Mobile Applications Developer 

Mobile apps are in constant fierce competition. The market is oversaturated with low-quality products and demands well-crafted mobile solutions. Freelance app developers are in high need of businesses of different levels. 

It should be noted that this position is not entry-level. If job seekers consider becoming freelance app developers, they should have a portfolio to apply to high-salary freelance contracts. 

Freelance Teacher 

Online teachers are in high demand for different disciplines. Private and online language schools, services for IT education, and businesses need qualified teachers. Yet, you may start as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher if you still need specialized certification. The only requirement is a decent internet connection and the possibility to participate in online conferences. 

Online education is a great way to gain work experience and learn new disciplines.

Academic Writer 

Academic writing is at the intersection of freelance education and content writing. Academic writers help educational facilities in the teaching process. If you are ready to learn new academic disciplines, a position as a freelance academic writer may be for you. 

Social Media Manager 

Social media networks are another component of businesses’ online presence. Informal communication with the audience, creating relevant posts, and clients’ behavior assessment are the responsibilities of a social media manager.

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There is no mandatory set of skills for an SMM specialist. Social media managers’ skills include:

  • Content writing;
  • Graphic content creation;
  • Written communication;
  • Management skills. 

If you know your way through many social networks and are ready to communicate with many people, this freelance position will suit you in 2023. 

Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is a relatively new position gaining more and more popularity. Freelance virtual assistants are online secretaries that help to manage ongoing tasks. Virtual assistants write emails, make entries in organizers, and do phone calls. Companies may hire virtual assistants for short-term projects or long-term contracts to help company managers. 

Bottom Line 

There are more and more freelancers each year, and you can become one of them. Freelance career fields are diverse and suggest various positions. Yet, job seekers need solid resumes, even for freelance marketplaces. Professional resume writing services like Skillhub will help to solve this issue. Expert resume writers will craft a winning resume to land you a position in any freelance marketplace. 


  1. Can I become a freelancer while being employed? 

Freelance while being employed is one of the best options to enroll in the field. Such an approach requires time and dedication. Yet, it helps to achieve any career goal: 

  • Learn a new industry;
  • Collect a starting capital for the business; 
  • Make a financial cushion.

    2. What skills do freelancers need to have? 

If you are considering going freelance, then you have a certain set of skills already. Besides general professional proficiency, freelancers should have impeccable time management and communication skills. Industry-wise, the following specializations are in the highest demand: 

  • Copywriting;
  • Web development;
  • Graphic Design. 

    3. Can a student become a freelancer? 

Freelancing is available at any point in education or career. Freelancing is an excellent opportunity for students to gain work experience in their field or get additional income.

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