Episode 2x19

Original air date: April 12, 2006

Flashback: Bernard Nadler and Rose Nadler

Written by: Steven Maeda and Leonard Dick

Directed by: Eric Laneuville

Guest starring: L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Sam Anderson as Bernard, Michael Emerson as Henry Gale, Wayne Pygram as Isaac and Donna Smallwood as Aussie woman

LOST Filming Location
Bernard helps Rose get out of the snow O'Toole's Irish Pub
Niagara Falls Restaurant Michel's at the Colony Surf
Australian healer (Isaac of Uluru) Poamoho Camp
Isaac of Uluru (interior) Poamoho Camp

Sydney Airport Hawaii Convention Center
Eko's Church Papa'iloa Beach (church)
Survivors Camp Papa'iloa Beach
Swan Hatch Hawaii Film Studio
SOS Sign Mokule'ia Beach
Jack and Kate get caught in a net He'eia Kea

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