World of Dance on NBC: Cancelled or Season 4?

World Of Dance Season 4

Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance” is completing its three sequels after the other. Now, what will happen with this TV series? Will there be a fourth season or not? Are some main points that are asking by all? But it will hope that the show will return back in 2020.

However, the show includes some dances, acts, and group presentations, etc. In Season 3, the judges seem to be biased and this is becoming more of popularity or personal choice vs. who really is the best dancer.

Just seemed bizarre that all the highest scores who were challenged, lost and the dancers to whom they list, were, again IMO, not nearly as good.  The going forward judges should wait until both routines have been performed as I believe they are holding back on who performs first rather than simply scoring on the merit of the routine.

The ‘street’ attitude that others are complaining about not only comes from a long cultural tradition stemming back to the early days of hip hop. A culture born of music but  It also serves a very useful purpose.

It teaches kids to stand up for themselves. But also allows everyone to be friends afterward and laugh about the great words slung at each other.  There is a reason “World Of Dance” has more viewers than other dance competitions. Because it embraces hip hop culture but not to exclusion of other dance forms.

Moreover, in the last season, Kings United was titled as the winner of this show. And Unity LA stands second while Ellie & Ava are placed in the third position. Whereas, VPeepz and Briar Nolet are placed in the fourth and fifth positions respectively in the show’s competition.


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