What to do if AirPods quickly get discharged


If you’ve owned AirPods headphones for about two years, you’ve probably wondered why AirPods discharge so quickly. For some users, they can barely stand up to 30 minutes. That means you can’t have long phone calls or listen to music during long walks because AirPods don’t hold a charge. 

Every AirPods earpiece has a small battery of 93 milliwatts. Over time, the lithium-ion batteries lose their initial capacity. The small size and frequent charging from the AirPods charging case make this process even faster. After a year and a half of use, the AirPods battery loses its initial capacity. 

How do I check the AirPods and charging case’s charge?

There are several ways to check the charge level of your headphones and charging case.

The AirPods case has a small indicator. When you open the case, you will see the light between the headphones. It can show the headphone’s charging condition.

What do the light colors mean?

No light. Your AirPods are low, and they need to be charged.

A yellow color when the AirPods are not in the case. The AirPods Case can provide less than one full charge.

A green color when AirPods are not in the case. The AirPods Case can provide more than one full charge.

A white flashing light. The AirPods have been reset and are ready for connection.

A yellow flashing light. AirPods need to be reset because of an error.

Another way to check the charging level is to open the charger cover. Your iPhone will display a pop-up window reflecting the status of the AirPods headphones and the charging case. You can also check your battery level by asking Siri, “How much charge is left in my AirPods?

What can help?

Even if your AirPods battery quickly gets flat, there’s still something you can do! Before you buy a new AirPods 2, try some tips below.

1. Try resetting your AirPods.

It is the easiest way which can solve a lot of headphone problems, even if they are not holding a charge. For this, open the headphone case and press the round button on it. Hold the button for 10 seconds until a white light appears. You can now reconnect AirPods to your device.

2. Fully discharge the AirPods’ charger.

The full charging cycle can also extend the headphone’s performance.  You need to completely discharge the battery of your headphones and case and then fully charge them.

3. Connect the headphones to your iOS device.

Instead of resetting, you can disconnect AirPods from your iPhone and reconnect them. To do this, open the Settings application, select the Bluetooth section, and click the ‘i’ icon next to your AirPods. Tap ‘Forget device’, and then reconnect the headphones.

4. Use just one AirPods headphone at a time.

Did you know that you can use one AirPods headphone at a time? You’ll have all the features you need, like calls and Siri. It’s not the best solution, but, in some cases, it may help. Both AirPods have microphones, and you can use them in turns.

5. Replace the battery

If you have an AirPods warranty, you can replace the batteries at a discounted rate. 

If the above tips do not help, it’s time to buy new headphones. Updated AirPods 2 work longer, support Siri, and connect to devices faster. Also, don’t forget to protect your charging case, you can buy various protective cases for AirPods. Although it is quite durable, if you keep dropping everything, it’s better to have extra protection. With the variety of AirPods case coves on the market, it is easy to choose the one you will love.


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