Weight Lose: Six Reasons to Why Water is Essential in Losing Weight!

weight loss with water

Drinking water is essential to stay healthy. It is an important part of our diet that plays a vital role in body functions and processes such as digestion.  Many people ask why water recommends losing weight, so here we’ll talk about it and tell you why water is essential in losing weight.

Water also helps in weight loss because it keeps your body hydrated without unnecessary calories. Many types of research have done that predict that the drinking water is beneficial in weight loss, even key factors in weight loss.

Water flushes out waste from the body that is important in metabolism and weight loss. Many reasons explain why water is essential in losing weight.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant

As you know, our stomach receives signals by the brain when it is full. Water is an essential part of our diet that keeps full of your stomach. Due to this fullness, it reduces your hunger.

According to the 2014 study, fifty overweight females were taken who drank 500 milliliters water before 30 minutes of taking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The water consumption continued for eight weeks. Moreover. They experienced a reduction in body fat, weight, and mass index, and most famous their appetite was suppressed.

Water burns calories

Many types of research show that drinking water also burns calories and also experience energy expenditure. According to a 2014 study with water, people burn 2-3 % more calories than usual after drinking water.

Water removes waste from the body

Water also necessary to flush out wastes from the body.  A hydrated body can easily remove the urine and waste from the body. In this process kidney also plays important role. Water helps the kidneys and toxins removed from the body and retains electrolytes and nutrients.

However, when the body will be dehydrated the kidneys retain fluid. Due to dehydration, constipation occurs. Moreover, it also solves digestive issues like diarrhea and indigestion.

Waste must be flash out from the body because if they remain in the body your body feels swollen, bloated, and tired.

Water reduces overall liquid calorie intake

Generally, people do not count calories when they drink soda, juices, tea, and coffee. They also ignore the calories of sports drinks or alcoholic beverages.

For losing weight, you must these drinks by no-calorie beverages like herbal tea that have long term weight loss benefits.

According to the 2012 study, high-calorie beverages were replaced by non-calorie drinks for six months. Participants got excellent results and see to reduce weight loss percentage in female obesity.

Many other studies are done in which see that drinking water instead of high-calorie beverage is really helpful in losing weight.

Water burn fats

The body metabolizes fat and carbohydrates properly with water. The fat metabolizing process called lipolysis.

Lipolysis is a hydrolysis process in which water molecules interact triglycerides that breakdown and convert into fatty acids ad glycerol. Therefore water is essential is losing weight for fat burning or stored fat.

Water Helps in Workout

Exercise is an important part of losing weight. Water also helps you in a better workout.  With the help of water, your muscles, connective tissue, and joints move correctly.

Moreover, your organs also work effectively. Furthermore, Water reduces the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue that occur during exercise or workout. You must drink water before and after exercise because it saves you from dehydration.

The general water intake recommendations according to the National Academy of Medicine in the United States are

2700 mL/day for adult women and 3700mL/day for adult men


The daily recommendations for water os 8-10 glasses. Meanwhile, drink more water during sunny days; it keeps your body hydrated. If you want to lose weight, then water is a vital component of your diet.



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