The Crown Season 3: Trailer, Release Date and Other Details of the Season

The Crown Season 3

Crown season is one of the famous Netflix shows, and fans are waiting for a long time.  Now the third season of the crown is now on the way. The first trailer has released; you can watch it here. In the trailer, you can watch the faces of all royal families.

It is Netflix’s historical drama, and the trailer brought many mysteries for the upcoming season. Fans really want to know about new characters of the season. The trailer also features Prince Charles and questioning his identity as “ Am I listened to in this family, am I seen for who and what I am? Moreover, the trailer also focused on Elizabeth struggling who maintain the household.

The storyline of The Crown Season 3

The new season will feature the life of Queen Elizabeth from 1964 to 1976. Moreover, this season will also show the period of Harold Wilson as the prime minister. In this season, the queen’s relationship will stronger with the Prime minister who served as the British government’s head.

Furthermore, season 3 will also cover the story of the decolonization of Africa and the Caribbean. Besides Prince Edward’s birth and the movement of Prince Charles in the public’s opinion.

Tobias Menzies, who is playing the role of Prince Philip, also revealed that the third season would also include the story of the eleventh landing of Apollo and Philip’s reaction to the historical moment.

What Showrunner Reveal

Peter Morgan showrunner of the crown season 3 revealed that the new season would focus on Prince Philip and Queen’s relationship. Moreover, the show will also focus on Lord  Snowdonia and Prince Margaret’s marriage. Due to this, the relationship between Philip and queen has settled down as you watched in the second season.

Peter also said that Camilla and Charles would be the central focus of the third season. Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla. Well, the truth is that he was in deep love with Camilla but forced to marry Diana.

Release Date of The Crown Season 3

The wait is over, and the Crown Season 3 date has to be set. Yes! The Crown season 3 will release on 17th November 2019 on Netflix. That would be an awesome season, so stay tuned.



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