The Best Way to use Minoxidil

Minoxidil health

Whether they are scalp hair or beards and mustaches, you may be aware that they are trendy. However, not everyone who attempts to grow hair can always be satisfied with the outcome. This is the reason why many people are now considering using to help with hair growth. 

The good news is that minoxidil is known as an over-the-counter hair regrowth solution for the scalp. It can be used for restoring hair, and minoxidil also works better by assisting you to keep the hair that you still have. This page discusses the best way to use Minoxidil.

Understanding minoxidils

You can find a minoxidil solution and form on the market that can be utilized to assist with hair growth if you’re experiencing male pattern baldness. However, it cannot be used for baldness at the receding hairline or front of the scalp in men. Even better, women only need about 2 percent and foam minoxidil solution to help their hair growth, but only for those with thinning hair. 

Keep in mind that minoxidil is in a class of drugs called vasodilators. However, it’s not known how this drug causes hair growth. Remember that this medication is not utilized for patchy or sudden hair loss or even unexplained hair loss. For example, if your family has no history of hair loss, perhaps you may not need to use minoxidil.

As explained earlier, you can use minoxidil which is an over-the-counter foam or liquid for hair loss treatment. But you can apply it on your scalp at least twice a day to stop or reduce the progression of male pattern baldness and thinning hair. To have better results, you need to use it regularly because if you stop using the drug, the medication can reverse new hair growth, and hair loss can continue. 

Minoxidil usually works best when younger men use it, meaning those who are 40 years old and below and have balding for five years and less. When hair loss affects a large area and has been going on for a long time, there is a small chance that minoxidil can produce the expected results. Ideally, the younger you are, and the earlier you start using minoxidil, the better the outcome can be.

How you can use minoxidil

This medication usually comes with specific instructions, so you need to read the instructions carefully. Besides this, you should always use the medication as directed so that you can increase the chances of the medicine being absorbed through the skin. 

It’s also important not to apply medicine to other parts of the body. Absorption into your body can affect the blood vessels and heart leading to unwanted effects. 

Aside from these, you should not use other skin products on the same part of your skin where minoxidils was utilized. But you can use hair permanents, hair coloring, and hair relaxers as long as you wash your scalp just before applying these products. 

You can use minoxidils for less than 24 hours before and after you do the hair treatment procedure. However, make sure that you don’t double the dosage of minoxidil so that you can make up for any missed doses.


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