Swamp Thing Season 2: Plot Details Revealed After Cancellation! What Would’ve Happened?

Swamp Thing Season 2

DC’s new streaming service continues its success for the second run with “Swamp Thing”. From the opening minutes, it is clear to everyone associated with the project poured their undying passions into every minute. The cast does an exceptional job in their portrayals, especially Reed and Mears/Bean’s chemistry.

It’s a simple concept pushed to a higher caliber. Huge props to the crew for crafting such gorgeous VFX for a television sized series. Production alone can be enough to attract. The greatest aspect, however, is the cleverly complex overarching narrative. The show’s ability to craft such a compelling world that plays beautifully off different genres effortlessly breeds new meaning to Sci-Fi Horror.

While it’s not something that makes or breaks the show, there’s occasionally odd voice over for Swamp Thing. There seems to be a minor lack of consistency throughout the second half of the season.

But it can be easily ignored thanks to the more interesting aspect of the story. But with the cancellation of the show, pacing issues are brought up. Some present throughout the season with the major one present in the final episode. Because of the original 13-episode story being condensed to 10 episodes.

Swamp Thing allows DC Universe to represent an entirely new frontier of entertainment for the service. It is a combination of scientific discovery and small-town drama thrown into the horror mix that keeps every aspect of the show engaging to an endless amount.

While there are issues present, the show keeps the momentum without its issues even being noticeable unless nitpicked. The show may not return for some time, but it’s clear there were things in motion for future seasons. Whatever the future holds, DC has reached another memorable milestone.


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