Sophia Takal’s film “Black Christmas”: Release Date, Cast and Other Spoilers!

Black Christmas 2019

Black Christmas is actually an upcoming film under the Sophia Takal direction. April Wolfe is the writer of the movie. Actually, it is the second loose mark of Canadian film 1974 that had the same name.
The production has started on 23rd June 2019 in New Zealand.

The principal photography happened for 27 days around Dunedin and Oamaru. Moreover, the University of Otago provided the setting.

Well, the filming wrapped up on 31st July 2019. It will release in some countries in December, like in the United States and France. According to official news, in France, it will release on 11 December, and in the United States, it will display on-screen on 13th December.

In the leading cast of the film, Imogen Poots as Riley Stone, Lily Donoghue as Marty, Alyse Shannon as Kris, Brittany O’Grady as Jess Bradford, Simon Mead as Nate, Caleb Eberhardt as Landon, and Cary Elwes as Professor Gelson are included.

If we talked about the synopsis of the film, ” Hawthorne College is shut down for the holidays. An unknown stalker kills some Sorority girls.

Killer discovers that the young generation women are not helpless victims, and they mount to fight. The story seems interesting, so we see what happens next in the season. So wait some days and watch the movie.

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