So, let’s learn about tracheostomy!


A tracheostomy is a hole made at the front of the neck that allows a breathing tube to be placed into the trachea. The tube can, if required, be attached to an oxygen source and a ventilator, a mechanical oxygen supply.

Tracheostomy Neck Tape Adults, why is this product useful to adults?

To maintain the airway open for breathing, a tracheostomy tube is inserted into the opening. Tracheotomy is the medical word for the operation used to make this hole. Tracheostomy Neck Tape Adults is used to support.

Mostly in adults, the following thing will happen:

They can breathe more easily with the aid of a tracheostomy when the natural breathing path is obstructed or compromised in some other way. When medical conditions necessitate prolonged use of a breathing aid (ventilator), a tracheostomys is frequently necessary. When the airway suddenly becomes closed, as it sometimes does after a serious injury to the face or neck, an emergency tracheotomy may be necessary.

It meets the following specifications:

  • Tracheostomys Neck tapes for adults for single use
  •  Made of cotton foam
  • Colour: Blue
  • Size: 470mm in length


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