Pain Behind Right Eye- What Can Cause it and Some Remedies in 2021

pain behind right eye

About Pain Behind Right Eye and The Causes 

Do you have a random pain behind the right eye or your left one? Well, there could be a lot of eye troubling reasons behind this. Having a certain kind of discomfort in your eyes can make your day miserable. Hence, it is important to know why the pain in your right eye is happening and what might be the cause for it. You can even try some of the home remedies that we will share for your eye pain later in this article.

Our sensitive eyes are one of the most vital parts of our body. That is why it is very important for us to take the utmost care of them. The major problem with the eye and its care is that even a small particle can cause a lot of discomfort to us. However, there could be various reasons that you might not be knowing behind your eye pain. Here, we have gathered all the probable causes of your eye pain and even discussed the various treatment that you can opt for. Moreover, it is important that you to consult an eye expert if you have unbearable pain or a sense of discomfort in your right or left eye.

Why does it happen?

There can be various things that can go wrong with our sensitive eyes. Be it dryness or an underlying condition. Eyes can get affected by anything instantly. That is why it is important and vital for us to keep a check on our eyes and see how they are. If anything goes wrong with our right eye or both the eyes, then it causes a lot of problem in our day to day lives. Even a hard rub to your eyes after the itch can cause a certain amount of pain or redness. There can be a lot of different and complex things that can go wrong with your eyes. Below are some of the symptoms that can take place if your right eye is irritated or something is wrong with it.

Signs of Discomfort or Pain-

  • You can see a certain kind of redness in your eyes
  • There are some yellowish parts in your eyes
  • Your vision is a bit blurry
  • It pains whenever you move your eyeball
  • There is a sense of pain in your right eye or even left one
  • Having pain or discomfort in both of the eyes
  • The rear end of the eyes are having some pain
  • You can feel your eyes burning
  • Your eyes are going dry every now and then
  • It is difficult for you to keep your eyes open for a long time

These are the symptoms that you have to look out for when you are concerned with the well-being of your eyes. These symptoms can be in one or both the eyes, and a lot of things can cause it. However, you can consult a medical professional on an immediate basis if there is a lot of discomfort or pain in your eyes. There can be many reasons for this eye pain or discomfort. Moreover, it is advised that you visit and start the treatment with a doctor as soon as possible in order to avoid any other eye or other complications.

Probable Reasons-


Here is a list of the common eye bothering reasons that can cause your right eye pain or even have discomfort. So make sure that you read the list of the eye problem causes and consult a doctor accordingly. Moreover, there various other reasons as well that can cause this to happen, so don’t rely on this list entirely.

  • Vison issues. (Not wearing the right lenses)
  • Connectivity
  • Damaged Cornea
  • Recent Surgery in your eye
  • Eye Dryness
  • Allergic Reaction to a medicine 
  • Exposed to smoke 
  • Extreme air pollution conditions
  • Some Injury in the Past
  • Sty
  • Migraines 
  • Redness due to injection 
  • Some particle in your eye 
  • Hard Rubbing in the eye 
  • Long Strains to the eyes 
  • Sleep-deprived. 
  • Sudden flashes of lights
  • Other Underlying Conditions may also be a cause. 

Here is what you can do if you want to subside the pain in your eyes at home. However, please don’t invest your time in these if you have an extreme case of right eye pain, discomfort, or even redness. If the problem has been presenting for a long time, then it is highly advised that you visit your nearest eye care hospital for the best diagnose and treatment. Furthermore, for mild and occasional cases, you can try one of these methods for your right eye pain or redness. 

Things You Can Do-

Eye Drops

pain behind right eyes

There are many variants of eye drops that are available in the market that can give you a nice sense of relief from the right eye pain or redness. You can get several types of over-the-counter eye drop that will help you to ease the pain. What these eye drops do is that they re-hydrate the eye and helps to clear them off if there are any particles that are present in your eye. So make sure to try them out if you have a case of eye dryness. 

Nice Wash

Sometimes all your eyes need is just a nice rinse from the water. Try using some cold water to cool off your painful or disturbing eye. This can bring a great amount of relief to you. Moreover, you can also use a cold and wet towel to smear your eyes. This will help your eyes to regain hydration. As one of the most common reasons for having a painful right eye is the daily strain and dehydration, this remedy can really do wonder! 


Another way to deal with a painful eye is through a painkiller. Moreover, there are high chances that the doctor that you refer to for your right eye pain gives you a normal medication so that it can help you to fight off the pain. It is majorly recommended that you don’t opt for this remedy with expert advice. 

Under the Knife


If you are diagnosed with some serious eye infection or problem, then you may even have to go for a surgery. However, you should not worry as that will be a very minute surgery, and you’ll be back to your home in a day or two. Moreover, kindly note that this only happens in some and extreme cases. In order to avoid this, you can go and consult your doctor in the earlier stages of eye pain and prolonged eye redness or discomfort. 

Avoid the Screen


As we know that the strain caused by staring at the screens for many long can do a lot of damage to your right eye or both eyes. That is why it is important that you keep a check on the time that you spend in from of the eye-damaging screens. This will help you to relax your eyes and regain their strength. You can even wear protective glasses in order to avoid the extreme strain that affects your right or left eye. 

Eye Exercise  

There are many eye easing exercises that you can do for your eyes. They are mainly about the nice movement of your eyeballs. They will send an immense amount of ease to your eyes. You can even do a lot of yoga to make your eyes better. There are a lot of asanas that can help you to reduce the adverse effects of the screen strains. Check out some hip strengthening exercises as well! 

Try Some Warmth

There are a lot of doctors who say that you can help your eyes and the pain that you have behind the eyeball. What you have to do is just dip a soft towel in some warm water and put it against your closed eyelids. Repeat this step in order to ease out the right eye pain or even the pain in your eye socket. 

What more?

If any of these tips and remedies don’t work out for your right eye pain and you experience more pain and discomfort, then please consult a doctor or an eye expert as soon as possible. This will avoid any further complications that you can develop in your eyes. So, don’t ignore the ongoing problem and issues with your eye. Moreover, there are various other complex reasons for the right eye pain and discomfort that may be causing it. So, please take good care of your eyes and keep a check on the other symptoms that can also take over. The eye issues might just be a sub symptom of some other underlying problem as well. 


We hope that now you know the various reasons and the remedies that you can try for your right eye pain and other discomforts that have been bothering you in your eyes. So keep these things regarding your eyes in mind if you have some pain, redness, or any other symptoms. Moreover, it is advised to wear the right lens for your eyes as that is one of the leading causes of right eye pain or strain. Also, if you limit your screen time on a daily basis. Then that will also make a huge difference in your eye’s health. 


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