Is Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

Gambling Legal in New Zealand

Gambling is strictly controlled in New Zealand. There are some instances by which gambling is allowed to go ahead in the country, but those specific games must be licensed and authorized according to the 2003 Gambling Act. Under this legislation, gambling such as Satta Matka is split into four different classes. In this article, you will know about Gambling Legal in New Zealand.

Class 1 says that the prize is no more than $500, and these games are conducted by individuals. In class 2, the prizes can have a value between $500 and $5,000. 

Class 3 and 4 gambling can have prized above $5,000, and this usually involves machines. This kind of gambling can only go ahead with the appropriate licence. 

What Organizations Regular Gambling and Betting in New Zealand?

We’ve already mentioned the Gambling Act of 2003 which dictates the rules and regulations by which gamblers and gambling companies must operate. Within this legislation, there is an agency that makes decisions and governs the gambling industry in the country.

The New Zealand Gambling Commission is an independent and statutory decision-making organization that ensures casinos and gaming companies abide by the rules set out in New Zealand law. 

Popular Online Casinos in New Zealand

While Online Cricket Betting ID are not operated from New Zealand, the law states that people of age are not restricted from accessing #1 online casinos based in other countries. That means despite the restrictions and heavy-handed legislation, people across New Zealand still regularly access online casinos. 

To reach this untapped market, many online casino brands expanded their reach into New Zealand by making it easier to make cash transfers between New Zealand bank accounts and their platforms. Some also offer the New Zealand Dollar as a compatible currency on the platform.

Some popular online casinos used by gamers in New Zealand include Casimba, Dream Vegas, Sky City, Zodiac Casino, Play Zee, and Party Casinos. Jinni Casino and are two other popular platforms that offer New Zealand-specific bonuses when people sign up to their platform.

It’s a Resilient Industry!

So, online casinos in New Zealand are banned, but people can still access websites operated overseas. Land-based gambling is also heavily regulated, meaning New Zealand isn’t quite the gambler’s paradise.

Despite this, the industry remains strong, and thanks to online casinos it is possible for gamers in New Zealand to still play a wide range of games. It just goes to show the power of the Internet, and how it has allowed people to access global markets from their own home.


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