How Lighting Affects Mood And How You Can Design Your Home To Live Your Best Lit Life


Whether you are a work-from-home warrior or a rarely-home owner, lighting is an aspect that affects every setting. From getting ready for the day, winding down at night, and everything in between, there are numerous benefits to curating the right type of lighting for each room and mood in your home. 

Ways that lighting can affect your daily life

Speaking of mood, the type of Living lighting you have can affect your levels of happiness. This is never more important than in the winter, where the sun can go down as early as 4pm. Bring some serotonin back into your life with making a pointed effort to sit by a window with natural light when possible. If you are the type that is suspectable to seasonal low mood, it may be worth looking lightbulbs that mimic the effects of the sun, which include providing a dose of vitamin d. 

Just as lighting can affect your mood, it can equally affect your appetite. One way to minimise the extra weight gain that is commonly accumulated over the winter season is to choose bright lighting in the common eating areas. Choosing well-lit, areas to prepare and eat your meals in sends a message to your brain that you don’t need to overcompensate for the early sun setting with a second serving. 

When looking to improve your quality of sleep (and ease of getting there) research has shown that green lighting helps to ease you off to dream land the most. Red lighting also helps by acting as a less disruptive version of its blue lighting counterparts. 

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Taking the time to adjust the lighting around your home can offer many benefits. Spending time in the sun however, is always a good choice and will add to your wellbeing by tenfold.