God of War 5- What’s New in the Fifth Installment of the Game?

God of War 5
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About God of War 5 

God of War 5 is on its way. Sony Santa Monica’s next passage into the series is only the second installment of the proposed set of three that started with God of War 4 PS4.

The franchise gave another polished touch to the game with the God of War 4 PS4, and everything from camera edges to story changed. We had Kratos enter Norse Mythology subsequent to polishing off all the Greek Gods.

Will God of War 5 release on PS?

god of war 4
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Sony Santa Monica is as yet creating and building up the following installment. As per sources, the game probably won’t release on PlayStation 4 and PS 4 Pro. With its new-gen tech, it has relied upon to release on PlayStation 5. The chief isn’t excessively enthused about having a cutting edge game, in light of the fact that the consoles for that require inordinate work. However, since the game is scheduled to release on PS 5, we can anticipate that it should be cutting edge.

What’s New? 

The movement catch for the fifth installment has just started, so we can expect improvement is in progress.

What will the Storyline be?

God of War 5 has relied upon to run alongside the themes of Ragnarok – the apocalypse/the finish of time as per Norse Mythology. God of War 4 had Kratos and Atreus trigger the apocalypse. Since both the fifth and sixth parts have left in the set of three, there is significantly more to come!

Fans have conjectured that God of War 5 may be Kratos attempting to shield his child from the angry Norse Gods. Toward the finish of God of War, we saw Atreus get a dream of things to come where Thor himself came to retaliate for his children. Odin and Freya to have lost Baldur at Kratos’ hands. They may be angry at the dad child pair for triggering Ragnarok. Which implies the finish of each of the nine domains, regardless of whether unexpectedly. They have relied upon the principle scoundrels this time around.

Release Date 

Creators affirmed they would pull in the hit series for players however didn’t reported any official launch date. Producer Cory Barlog detailed it won’t require to release. And this time they would not set aside much effort to publish the match. That implies we foresee the game in mid-2021 or 2022. So God of War 5 will release in mid-2021 after the announcement this year.


Sony Santa Monica made the fifth installment in the series with an image toward the finish of God of War 4 where carved at the base are the words ‘Ragnarok is coming’, so a great deal of foretelling.


God Of War 5
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In the upcoming game from the series, we may see Kratos, who is a lot of intrigued to proceed with his excursion with Atreus. We have seen him along with Atreus in God of War PS4.

Along these lines, he may keep on becoming familiar with the Norse terrains to find Gods. Then again, this gives Odin, the dad of Baldur, a reason to come after Kratos and Atreus. With respect to now, we can only confirm this since there is no confirmation in regards to the Gameplay.


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