Best EZTV Torrent Alternatives Which You Can Explore


About EZTV

EZTV is a TV torrent site that allows visitors to search, download, and contribute magnet links and torrent files that encourage P2P, file sharing among users of the BitTorrent convention. It is very simple and simple to utilize that accompanies all the critical features, tools, and a simple interface. But since it is down for some time, we have gathered some amazing alternatives which you can explore.

1. TorrentReactor

With a large number of valid torrents, Torrent Reactor is said to be one of the most active torrent providers in the realm of the internet. As it brings the most recent torrents for its users. The categories of torrent files accessible here are looking like adult, anime, music, movies, series and TV shows, seasons, episodes, and significantly more.

The visitors of Torrent Reactor can search for torrent as per the choice of popular and most recent torrents too. The best about Torrent Reactor is its propelled search engine framework that ensures that its visitors have the composed word torrent. Torrent Reactor allows its visitors to share their torrent files that improve it than others.

2. is a giant torrent downloading and uploading provider that deals in the two torrents downloading and downloading of the Meta link. With this, users can download their path either by method for a torrent customer or any download manager.

KAT is an autonomous torrent search engine that delivers torrent files of assorted types. It has its course of torrents and never loans torrent from the other torrent providers. The primary advantage of utilizing the is that it is among those couple of driving stages that consistently accompany the crisp and most recent content.

3. YifyTorrents

YifyTorrents is otherwise called YTS, is one of the most well-known torrent gateways over the internet where a large number of torrent files are available. Be that as it may, YifyTorrents just deals in movies alone. So try not to think about it for getting the enlisted software, games, music, TV shows, programs, or for other purposes.

With regards to movies and films, at exactly that point YifyTorrents will most likely give you the best movies and even the as of late discharged recordings progressively. The fundamental advantage of utilizing the YTS is that it is among those couple of driving stages that consistently accompanies the new and most recent content.

4. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is an online torrent provider that is recorded among the approved distributed torrent arrangement of the BitTorrent. It is the online index of the hundreds and thousands of torrent files that are accessible in the class of music, recordings, movies, books, software, programs, apps, and substantially more.

Here the visitors can perform unlimited exploring of the torrent files. And can download the same number of torrents as they need with no limitation looking like files allow being upload.

5. Torrentz

Torrentz is utilized to be the main torrent search engine on the planet that is said to be incredible and ward search engine of torrent files. It is one of the giant foundations of billions of torrent files that it has been consistently gathering from just about three dozen torrent providers.

Notwithstanding being the free torrent provider, Torrentz is a quick Meta-search engine of the torrent files. Utilizing its own free torrent search engine is upheld by the dozens of other driving torrent providers. For the individuals who need to share their own created torrents can share the equivalent with others too.

6. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is the world’s driving autonomous torrent search engine and the BitTorrent framework. It is known as a provider of the original torrent files that it delivers to the users free of cost.

The principle advantage of going with ExtraTorrent is its propelled search engine framework. This search framework gives users the best and perfect approach to effectively search and investigate their preferred torrent by simply giving a couple of words.

7. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is the verified torrent provider in the class of movies, TV shows, apps, software, anime movies, games, and substantially more. Every one of these torrents that are accessible at the LimeTorrents and you can search by experiencing the propelled search box or straightforwardly setting off to the top torrents and most recent torrent classification.

LimeTorrents is a free torrent search engine that doesn’t have the torrents of others, torrent providers, in light of the arrangement of giving its own gathered and user-contributed torrents. It likewise makes it workable for the users that are getting the valid, and adult free torrent files. Visit this site to enjoy the similar benefits as EZTV.

8. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a user-contributed torrent website where anybody can get torrent files in the class of movies, music, games, books, enlisted software, and significantly more. This website is said to be the main stage for getting the torrent files for practically free.

There is just one disadvantage of utilizing The Pirate Bay is that it doesn’t give the meta link to the users. At whatever point the users attempt to download any torrent as opposed to getting the download file, it naturally brought up by the torrent customer, and afterward, the user is constrained by The Pirate Bay to download it straightforwardly.

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9. 1337x

1337x is a devoted stage for the torrent based files that are accessible in two alternatives of either to streaming the torrent or downloading it like the magnet link. The magnet link downloading arrangement of 1337x makes the users capable either to download the torrent files while utilizing any torrent customer or by download manager. It is the most driving help and has a great many users around the globe who can utilize it to download torrent files. This makes it very similar to EZTV.

1337x give the best and valid torrent in the categories of anime, apps, original documentaries, movies, music, adult movies, TV programs and shows, seasons and episodes, and considerably more.

10. Mininova

Mininova is the torrent engine and directory on the online market. It targets providing food a simple to-utilize directory and search engine for a wide range of torrent files. Visitors at Mininova can secretly upload torrents to this website, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker.

Mininova offers torrent files in the classification of various genres. Like- anime, books, games, movies, music, books, pictures, software, TV programs, TV shows, and considerably more. Be that as it may, as far as a torrent directory, Mininova isn’t as progressively thorough when contrasted with the other torrent providers. So there are chances that, by and large, you won’t have the option to discover the torrent file for which you are searching for, and this can disappoint you. So this is not the best alternative to EZTV but it is definitely useful.

11. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a quick, simple, and amazing metasearch engine that joins the outcome from dozens of search engines. It is completely free to utilize an online entry that has a huge number of users around the globe, and you can get to it anytime, anyplace around the globe.

The user-interface of the stage is simple and insignificant that comprises of two distinct blocks, for example, the user menu and search panel. A generally addictive and agreeable aspect regarding this stage is that it not require any enlistment or other individual information to download or see the content.

12. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is the torrent provider that depends on the arrangement of peer to peer. It offers hundreds and thousands of torrent files have no reason if these torrent files are invalid. This is the incredible quality of BitSnoop that it generally delivers its users with valid torrent files as it were. It makes it sure for its users that they will get the sensible seeds to download the torrent files at all conceivable time.

At present, there are right around twenty-4,000,000 torrent files and notwithstanding that, it got itself consistently update with several other torrent files. It has perhaps the largest database of the torrent files since it intensely depends on the database of other driving torrent providers. At present, it is reliant upon the just about three hundred torrent based website.

13. SumoTorrent

With regards to quality, not the quantity, then SumoTorrent will consistently be there a result of giving the valid torrent files. It is the perceived torrent provider by the BitTorrent for delivering the top-evaluated and best seeds and parasites torrent files to its visitors.

The best about SumoTorrent is that it additionally functions as a downloader and make the users ready to download all sort of their torrent data. Regardless of whether the torrent file is smashed, the automatic fix framework will fix that torrent file first and afterward will make the users ready to download.

14. is a free to utilize film streaming website that allows you to browse and download movies in brilliant quality, all at the littlest file size. The site is uncommonly intended for movies sweethearts who need to appreciate news movies day by day in HD position. It has a huge scope of HD content. Furthermore, normally update with new content so as to deliver all the most recent content. There is additionally has numerous categories, for example, Action, Comedy, Fighting, War-based, Romantic and bunches of others.

Every classification has its own alternatives to appreciate. is totally free for everybody, and no require enlistment or membership to browse and download movies. However, on the off chance that you need to get updated with the most recent pattern, you have to buy in with only an email address. Much the same as the various film streaming sites, it likewise offers bunches of unmistakable features. For example, simple interface, download movies in various quality, available to use in numerous dialects and significantly more. In the event that you need to download new or great movies in HD position, then give it a shot. It is exceptionally made for you. is a wonderful substitute of EZTV so make sure to visit it!

15. TorrentHounds

TorrentHounds is a route for sniffing the best torrent available over the world of the internet. There is no lack of a torrent provider. However, getting the perfect one and the original one is a thing that issues most.

In view of a similar guideline, TorrentHounds is the provider of a large number of torrent files.

16. Nyaa administration is ended. It was a Japanese BitTorrent perceived torrent provider of the anime movies. The site was the best torrent getting a decision for those users who cherishes vivified film in all categories. At the Nyaa, they will discover the anime movies of assorted types.

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Here they will get even the adult-based anime movies also. Nyaa was said to be one of the broadest assortments who love and like to watch the anime movies. Hence, it is a wonderful alternative to EZTV. Likewise in the activity-based movies, it very well may be utilized for exploring torrent files in the class of film, sound, software, pictures, writing, activity, and others.

17. Library Genesis

Library Genesis (otherwise called LibGen) is a simple search engine that allows you to download articles and ebooks on different topics. It is free to utilize a search engine and contains a huge number of ebooks. Just as normal updates with new content to deliver total and far-reaching experience.

All the articles and ebooks on this stage comprise the number of categories. Every classification has its articles and ebooks that you can undoubtedly pick and download with no confinement. It likewise offers a search bar where you have to enter the title of your book that you need. So make sure to visit this site in case EZTV is down by any chance.

18. BTDigg

BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine that examination the DHT coordinate with constant support. It gives the search office with the assistance of full-content search and holds the torrents in Asian and European dialects with active status.

BTDigg is an altogether legitimate framework with two basic properties, for example, decentralization and unicity. Decentralization implies that the stage gives the office to search inside or outside of torrent space aside from private trackers. Then again, Unicity recognizes that there is nothing analogs in light of remarkable properties.

19. Extratorrent2

Extratorrent2 is an online foundation of advanced content of amusement media, applications, and software. It allows visitors to search, download rapidly, and contribute magnet links just as files that encourage P2P files sharing among users of the BitTorrent protocol.

With the assistance of this, you can rapidly search and download movies, software, apps, games, and the various sort of computerized content. Hence, it is a wonderful alternative to EZTV. The most energizing fact about this stage is that it offers different segments to investigate. For example, Browse Torrent, Top 100, Music and TV Shows, that save a ton of time.

20. Toorgle

Toorgle controlled by Google is an online search engine that allows users to locate any sort of information applicable to your content, and display available torrent files. The site investigates around 450 torrent related websites that transmit with the best outcomes for each search simultaneously.

Toorgle now has more than 55,000 000 torrent indexes. And you can include the Facebook application and the firebox search bar also. It is perhaps the most site for torrent searches. It accompanies a Google-like search bar and lets the user search various terms and downloads various files. For example, movies, recordings, games, and can do a lot more things. You can replace EZTV with Toorgle when EZTV is down.

21. Zooqle

Zooqle is an online stage to download torrent files that allows getting to all the software, application, games, movies, themes, customizations software, personalization software, a lot more to include. This software is special regarding its utilization that licenses an immense encounter of downloading that is vigorous and effective. And the download file storage is shockingly hearty.

This software makes you agreeable on the grounds that it contains all the programs and software that guide you not to go anyplace. You can download all movies and seasons as indicated by your advantage. And the exceptional occasions which are on air can watch and introduce without any problem. Hence, it is a wonderful alternative to EZTV. The huge thing about Zooqle is that you can search files you need to fit by your downloading criteria dependent on storage.

22. is a free, quick, and incredible meta-search engine that consolidates the outcomes from all the main search engines. It features a simple and simple to utilize interface with a broad library of in excess of 61 million torrents that make it extraordinary compared to other meta-search engine. With its assistance, you can undoubtedly download movies, recordings, games, software, and the various computerized content with no restriction. So you can always go to this site instead of EZTV. offers a propelled search box where you simply need to enter the name of the content that you need. In the wake of entering the title or related tags, all the similar outcomes appeared on your screen that you can undoubtedly download with no restriction. There is likewise has a proposal framework that suggests all of you the inclining stuff dependent on your advantage. Hence, it is a wonderful alternative to EZTV.

23. is a simple yet incredible meta-search engine where you can without much of a stretch download any film, video, game, software, and the various computerized content. It consolidates results from other search engines to give a gigantic database of torrents. Like, it likewise offers in excess of 61 million torrents, and its research shows that it has more film torrents than another similar meta-search engine.

With the assistance of this, you can likewise get games, software, and other computerized content torrents to make it a complete arrangement. You simply need to enter the name, tag, or some other related words in its search bar. Inside a moment, it shows all the significant outcomes that you can undoubtedly download with no breaking point. The best fact about this meta-search engine is that it is free and you can make the most of its administration anyplace around the globe.


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