Ericsson Ready for Manufacturing 5G Radios in India


Ericsson, a Swedish telecom gear company said on Monday, they are ready to start the manufacturing of the 5G radios in India.

Ericsson has been a part of India for the past 115 years and in these years they have grown their commitment. The information was shared by the Head of Market, Nunzio Mirtillo, during the inaugural day of India Mobile Congress in New Delhi.

Last year, the company also announced their radio product from Pune but right now the company is ready to start their 5G radios and they are ready to be shipped in various parts of India.

According to Mirtiloo, Ericsson is fully prepared and has the technology to fulfill the supply chain in the market as soon as the 5G network is introduced in the Indian market. While it might take some time for the 5G but the company is fully prepared for the time being.

At the IMC event, Ericsson set up a live 5G network booth which was in between the frequencies that are no currently discussed. The frequency was set between 3.5 and 28 GHz which will be the basis for all future development and innovation. It will help in creating a digital society that is always connected. This will help in bringing new opportunities to the India market along with boosting the industry.

Ericsson was the first company which introduced the 5G technology in India in the year 2017. At the present time, the 5G live network connection is available in countries like Asia Europe, Australia, and America. Ericsson was the first one to be the commercial network in all the four continents. According to the company, once you become the number one then it will be quite hard for you to go back to second place.


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