Empire Season 6 Episode 8: “Do You Remember Me” Review And Streaming Details!

Empire Season 6

“Empire” is an ongoing series of Fox Broad Casting Company. Now the sixth season of the show is running on the screen. And this time it is going to air episode 8 of Empire season 6 on 26th November. It is about a music tycoon who is trying to save his family’s future by setting his sons as rivals.

Empire is an excellent series for a number of reasons. Writers do a superb job of realistically portraying the hard and even brutal reality of life for poor and colored folk over the past 20 years.

Family values play a huge role in many plots. And somehow, even when the action is violent, family loyalty comes out on top. This show is one that is a must-see! The hard times in this show are very realistic. As well as how African Americans are treated but all of us are at some point and I hope that changes.

The recent controversy regarding the Jussie Smollet matter would make excellent plot material for the show. It is exactly the kind of issue the show tackles and does well. The range of the show will also allow for the outcome to go either way, and it would still work.

Also, since our justice system is an “innocent until proven guilty” system. The show is doing a great job of illustrating that people, the media, and friends and family need to remember that innocence has to be disproved and guilt not assumed.


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