Elite Season 3: Know All About Cast, Characters, Plot and Release!

Elite Season 3

Netflix has released the jumbo-pack of Elite Season 2 and now the fans are wondering when the teen drama will have its third run.

Elite is certainly one of the best Netflix series which highlights the immense drastic spoils of teen life from love, friendship, sex to murder amid a difference between elite and working-class lifestyle which no doubt influences the teen lives badly. So, the impact of the Elite lifestyle on the teen students’ lives is somewhat this tv series is here to highlight.

The students of the Elite Private School, the leading characters of the series now entangled in the trap of their own deeds. Elite Season 2 ended with the murder of Marina and consequently Elite Season 2 dealt with the investigation of the murder of Marina amid the revelation of many other concealed truths.

Anyhow, the murderer of Marina, Polo is still free, so Samuel and Nano won’t let him escape as he has to pay for what he did to Marina. Let’s see for how long Polo’s so-called girlfriend will be able to save protect and how Samuel and Nano will take revenge from Polo for Marina’s murder.

Elite Season 3 will hit hard Netflix in 2020 and we all hope to have many more seasons of the bombastic series in future.

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