Doom Patrol Season 2: Renewal Status and All Details of DC Universe Series

Doom Patrol Season 2

The series features a story of a team that has superhuman abilities in a horrific accident.  In the cast stars, Brendan Fraser as Robotman and Matt Bomer as Negative Man are playing the prominent roles. Besides these April Bowlby as Elasti Woman, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Dr. Niles as Chief are included.

The first season created huge fans so the show gets quickly rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore season two just took two months for the renewal.

Doom Patrol at HBO Max

Doom Patrol Season one released only on DC Universe. However, the upcoming season will premiere on HBO Max. This news releases when Warner Bros announced this at Warner Media Day Live Event. So that’s a bad thing for the DC universe because they have lost ownership for this superhero series.

What Will Happen In Doom Patrol Season 2

In the entire first season, the team faced so many kinds of evil situations to save the Chief. Meanwhile, they were also suffering from their inner dilemmas. However, with the help throwback muscleman Flex Mentallo and Chief’s daughter Dorothy, along with a mystical cavewoman, they went through all the situations.

Season 2 of Doom Patrol will see The Brotherhood of Evil joining. Not just this, the second season will also feature a thorn entering to the side of the Chief. Some new faces will come affront to put Doom Patrol. However, we all know that they will get through all with their weird but strong powers.

Release Date of Doom Patrol Season 2

According to reports, the filming of Doom Patrol Season 2 will start in November 2019. DC Universe confirmed that the second season works at SDCC International. So the expecting release date of the season is May 2020.


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