Do Sharks Have Bones and Other Crazy Facts About the Oceanic Life

do sharks have bones

Do Sharks have bones and other Crazy Facts about the Ocean! 

Have you ever wondered about do sharks have bones and other weird questions about the Ocean? In this fun article, we are going to share some mind-boggling facts about oceans and aquatic animals.

As we all know, the Ocean is filled with mystery and weird creatures. Everything that happens down there is way different from anything that we have up here. Since a lot of the Ocean still remains unexplored, our minds always question it. From the deep and dark seabeds to the incredible creatures that are swimming, we are still trying to know the best we can about the unrealistic underworld.

Why Unexplored? 

The main reason behind most of the Ocean being unexplored is the inhumane conditions and pressure that prevails in the deep Ocean. The immense pressure is impossible for any human or machine to sustain for a long time. Despite this challenge, we still have managed to gather a lot of information about the Ocean.

Another issue with the Ocean is the vastness that it has. The majority of our planet is covered with the Ocean. With such a small amount of resources, humankind has no advantage over the Ocean under any circumstances.

Some Interesting Facts About the Ocean and the Aquatic Life 

Now, let us discuss some of the intriguing facts about ocean life, like Do sharks have bones etc. and more!

Big and Blue! 

do sharks have bones

If you don’t know already, the Ocean is massive in size! Both horizontally and vertically. The Ocean covers a whopping 70% of our planet, which is why it is also called the blue planet. Due to its incredibly large size, the humans could only manage to explore just around 5 per cent of the blue mass. So, it is only fair enough to say that we as a race are learning something new about the ocean every day!

The Creatures! 


The Ocean is full of scary and weird surprises. The large and vast water body has some implausible creatures that are even hard to imagine. Thanks to the advanced technology, we no at least some sort of pics or evidence about these creatures like Blobfish. If there were no evidence or pics of these, people would not believe that such animals can exist in the Ocean. Marine life has a lot of odd-looking things floating around. Even science is learning many things from these creatures as their ability to sustain under such conditions and still function remarkably is hard to fathom.

Do Sharks Have Bones?

When we talk about the top 5 scary fishes, we all have sharks on the list. Equipped with sharp teeth, every inch of the giant fish looks creepy. The furious hunting fish has been studied quite well. We have managed to gather a lot of information about this phenomenal creature. One astonishing fact about this creature is that it does not have any bones in the body! Yes, you read that right! Sharks do not have any bones! They manage to stay sturdy and function with the help of a complex bone-like structure that supports their body.

It’s Not All Cool! 

From the looks of it, the Ocean might look very cool and cold, but that is not the case. Obviously from the outer layer of water of the Ocean can be ice cold, but not many people are aware of this that in the depths from where the water comes out, it is boiling hot! Due to the intense pressure that we mentioned, it does not end up boiling like in normal pressure! Just like the question do sharks have bones, this also is entirely opposite of what it seems like.

Lakes and rivers inside the Ocean??

When we talk about the Ocean, we know that the water is salty. The salty water acts differently than plain water as the salty one is heavier and denser. However, the salt and ratio in the Ocean are also different. Due to the more saline water being heavy and thick, it just sulks down to the ocean bed and flows like a river inside the Ocean. Just like the underwater flowing salty rivers, the Ocean has various lake-like bodies too.

Active Volcanos 

The volcanos and the dark Ocean are both scary things. Imagine both of these spooky things in one! Yes, that is right! There are huge and active volcanoes that are still active under the Ocean! Just imagine the horrific site where the hot and steamy lava is oozing out that too under the dark blanket of the Ocean.

A Pile of wreckage

do sharks have bones

It is no breaking news that the Ocean has witnessed our entire history and has lived to tell the tale. So, it is no surprise that the Ocean will have piles and piles of wreckage inside. There are approximate 3 million shipwrecks that can be found even today! This is an approximate number that we can count and still see. Imagine the number of ships and things that have already decayed over time! The extensive collection holds almost everything that you can think of. From tons of gold and jewellery to the world’s most valuable antiques, it is all in there.

Only 10 Percent! 

As far as the various creatures of the oceans are concerned, it is only fair to say that we hardly know anything about them. This statement is shocking yet true because so far, we have info and knowledge of only 10% of the total aquatic life. That are several unexplained living things that are still up and around in the Ocean.

A Secret about Seahorses! 

do sharks have bones

Just like the answer to do sharks have bones left you speechless, this seahorse fact will do the same! By now, we all know how weird the dark Ocean can get. Here we are talking about how seahorses reproduce. To everyone’s surprise, the males are the ones who give birth here! Yup, you read that right! The male seahorses are the ones who give birth and take care of the newborn kids. This is a unique phenomenon that can only be seen under the Ocean.

Vigilant Dolphins 

Dolphins are one of the cutest mammals that are swimming in the oceans. These graceful mammals are not only cute but also extremely smart. Dolphins and humans have managed to form a close bond over the years. There are many aquatic trainers that can train them to do tricks as well. However, here we are not talking about their tricks or IQ of the Dolphin. Here, we are sharing unknown facts about Dolphins, which is that they have the ability to sleep with one eye open! This intelligent breed has many predators after them as their lack of defence makes them an easy option. So, even when they sleep, they have to stay vigilant. They do this by keeping their one eye open at all times so that they can run and escape at the right time!


We hope that you loved the various unknown facts that we shared here. We tried to cover all the fantastic points from the deep Ocean. From answering the question of Do sharks has bones to some crazy facts about dolphins, we hope that the sea lover in you loves the unexplored mass even more now!


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