Dark Season 3: Productions, Release Date and spoilers of the series!

Dark Season 3

The dark season is the German web series on Netflix, and its third series is on the way.   In the third installment, there would be many twists that we can imagine.

Let’s talk about the details of the Dark season 3 and all spoilers. It is one of the best thriller series, and its previous seasons got high ratings.

The story is set in Winden, Germany, and focuses on the disappearance of the child. After that, the story exposes many hidden connections and secrets. The families unravel a bad time that spans three generations.

Dark season 3 production details

The dark season is getting a renewal status, and maybe it will be the final installment. Netflix already has given permission before the end of season 2.

Now the production of dark season 3 has started, and the cast started filming towards June 2020 in Germany.

Spoilers of Dark Season 3 by Showrunner

The second season left many cliffhangers at the end. At the end of season two, Adam kills Martha, and the younger version of Jonas wept over his love life’s dead body.

Moreover, Martha said that she is not who he thinks. When the question is asking about the time of her appearance, a bizarre answer is given. She said the question should be that where she came.

Many fans are saying that there are many dimensions, and some of the characters died in the previous season. Now it is expecting that we will get the new characters in dark season 3 — showrunner Jantie Friese sais the season one gave us many hints.

Maybe the attention diverts onto other vital characters. Fans are very excited to see different versions of Jonas, Noah, Martha, and Kathrina.


In the upcoming season 3, there will be many complexities. It will resolve many complications. This season will also tell about the Elisabeth Doppler and Peter. Besides the third season, she will tell about if Katharina returns to 1986 in search of her son whose name Mikkel.

Release Date of Dark Season 3

The release date is not yet released. The second season premiere on 21 June 2019. Now it is expecting that the third season will live on 27 June 2020.


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