Contentful – Things To Avoid On Your Content Platform

Your Content Platform

Creating content is one of the best methods you can use to communicate with your audience when operating a business. However, there is a specific way to go about this. Otherwise, you risk wasting time or turning off your audience completely. Whether you’re running your business with several employees or handling tasks individually as a freelancer, it’s crucial to avoid making any of the following seven mistakes when posting on Your Content Platform. These points are especially important because, as stated by Contentful, your content platform allows you to “control all content from a single hub,” meaning that if one piece is out of place or incorrect, it can weaken your overall presentation to the public. 

Failing to Understand Your Audience

Creating content to meet your audience’s needs is crucial if you want to build rapport. Potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems and want to find and consume valuable content. Knowing the challenges, desires and mindset of your target audience is essential before posting any information.

Having Lots of Typing and Grammar Mistakes

While it’s almost impossible to be perfect, it’s unacceptable to have several spelling or grammar mistakes in your content. Hiring an editor or using tools to correct these types of errors will help ensure your content is legible and makes you look like a professional.

Not Having a Specific Voice

It can be tempting to copy the style used by another business that posts on content platforms. Taking this action can be a big mistake as it doesn’t reflect your voice or message. Creating a unique style will help build trust and respect with your customers and make them want to support you. Instead of playing copycat, think about how you want to spread your message and communicate it with each person who reads your content.

Having an Insufficient Amount of Visuals

People want to be visually stimulated when they are consuming content. It’s essential to include a significant amount of images to break up text and provide visual stimulation for your readers. Including one or more videos is an excellent way to offer information on your content platform that can be consumed quickly.

Failing to Promote on Social Content Platform

If you’ve got a website where most of your content is placed, it’s important to promote this information on the right types of social media sites. Using a social sharing tool allows you to choose specific social media platforms to share your information. People who use these sites are likely to mention your posts to friends, which can further spread your message.

Not Participating in Your Comments Section

Using content to attract customers is an excellent marketing tool. Interacting with them in the comments section is even better. It keeps you involved in the conversation, helps increase trust and credibility. Engaging with your audience shows you care about them and have taken the time to respond.

Having Zero or a Significantly Low Number of Personal Stories

As an individual or a company, you’re going to have victories, experiences and mistakes. Communicating this to your audience provides transparency. Becoming personal and letting your readers know that mistakes can happen is going to make them respect you even more.

Avoiding these mistakes and making the correct choices should help create a more significant bond between you and your customers.


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