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Parental control app
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We live in a modern society where the internet has become an integral part of the education system. Parents provide mobile devices like smart phones and laptops for the use of the internet for preparation for school exams. However, we cannot deny that there is also risk involved if we are not keeping an eye on the online activity of a child. The Internet is a vast network that consists of enormous information. Billions of websites are available on the net. Some sites are inappropriate for a kid’s minds and can spoil their future and careers if parents are not vigilant. Hence e Parental control app has become necessary for ensuring the safety of kids and protecting them from the harmful effects of the internet.

What makes kids more vulnerable?

  • Social media apps: – They use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others to make new friends without knowing their true identity. This can increase the risk of social bullying on these platforms, resulting in several complicated personality disorders and hypertension in children.
  • Use dating apps: – Kids may also install some dating apps that are used for chatting with women on the internet. These dating apps can kill the precious time of studies and can affect their performance in examination eventually.
  • Kidnapping and online criminal activities: – Many frauds are looking for innocent children who can be convinced to commit a crime on their behalf and suffice their needs. If you want to ensure that your kids are not making any interactions with these cyber wolves, then you must install the best parental control app on their kid’s phone.

Top 3 parental control apps for android/ios

FamiSafe: – 


This parental control app is the leading online monitoring app that enables parents to keep an eye on kid’s activity on mobile devices. They can view any suspicious activity like sharing of nude images on dating sites or accessing pornographic sites and restrict these apps or sites remotely. This parental control app is compatible with both android and iOS platforms. Parents can download FamiSafe app from the play store or apple store.

Google chrome parental control: – 

Google chrome parental control

This app is a parental control application presented by Google. It is the most reliable online monitoring system that has real-time GPS tracking inbuilt with the app. Parents can track the location of their child using this parental control app easily. They can also impose restrictions on bad and inappropriate sites to be accessed on their kid’s phone. Google chrome parental controls can effectively monitor the browsing activity of your child and also observe the usage of apps on their phone.

Spyzie Parental control app:-

Spyzie Parental control app

 Spyzie is the most popular parental control app which enables parents to track the call recordings, SMS or text messages on mobile, and media files that are stored on kids phone. They can also grant access or restrict the apps or sites. The user interface is kept very easy to operate. Real-time GPS tracking system enables parents to find the exact location or their kids any time from their own device.

Parental control apps are a perfect choice for smart parents who want to secure the life of their kids from online frauds and kidnappers. Today bullying has become so common that parents are worried about their children so much that they think of their safety all the time. In this current scenario, parental control apps can ease the minds of parents and they can keep an eye on all online suspicious activities on their kid’s phone.


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