Best ab exercise for improving core stability in senior citizens

Best ab exercise
Best ab exercise

The internet is full of the best ab exercise regimes for a six-pack body or a gym look. However, these exercises are more than just to get ripped. They help improve the core stability, stamina and even focus your exercise on a specific body part. If you are looking to improve your core stability with ab exercises, here are the best exercises to try.

Why senior citizens need to try these best ab exercises?

As you age, your muscle strength and overall stamina reduce. Muscle stamina is not just for running a marathon or for lifting weights. You need the stamina to sit straight or walk. When you lose this core strength, your posture gets affected. Sometimes, while walking, climbing, or lifting medium-heavy objects, you end up hurting. If you wish to prevent such injury and increase your life quality, it is time to try the best ab exercise for senior citizens.

Chair plank – the best ab exercise to improve stability

Among the best ab exercise options, the chair plank is one of the easiest ways to focus on deep muscles. Fair warning, it might look simple when you begin, but do not overdo it and end up with exercise injury. Make sure to use a sturdy chair that can withstand your weight and the force.

The chair should be against a wall for support. Stand in front of the chair and place the palms on the seat, closer to the front chair legs. This posture is your initial position. Move your feet behind until your hips, feet, head, and shoulder are in a line. If you are not comfortable with the position, move your feet a little closer to the chair. Your elbow should not move during this exercise and always look at the wall in front of you.

Hold this position as you count up to ten. Now, slowly get back to your initial position. Again, repeat it for 3-5 times, based on your stamina. As you move on, try to increase the time you hold the position.

Side bends – the best ab exercise for your trunk muscles

This best ab exercise focuses on the muscles that run along the sides of the trunk, spine, and core. This exercise also needs a sturdy chair. Your initial position is sitting upright on the edge of the chair. Your feet should be flat on the ground.

Now, keep your spine upright and stiff. Imagine a string is pulling your spine’s top end up and tailbone down. It would help if you imparted such stiffness to your spine. Place your fingertips behind the ears and stretch your elbows out. The elbows should be parallel to the ground.

Now, bend to one side, without leaning forward, staying in the position for 2-3 seconds, and get back to the initial position. Now, bend the other side. This exercise should have at least six repetitions on each side.

Belly squeeze exercise – for deep transversus ab

This exercise helps to improve balance and also to strengthen your ab. Sit upright on a chair and keep your spine upright. Your chest should be slightly in a lifted position. Now, take a deep breath and squeeze in your stomach. Stay in this position for two to three seconds and exhale as you release the stomach.

Tummy twist –strengthen the oblique muscles

You would need a sturdy chair that does not have wheels or swivel. Sit on the edge of the chair and keep your arms on the side of your thighs or the armrest. Your legs should not move during this exercise. Now slowly rotate the torso as much as possible to the right. You can turn the upper body to support this twist, but the legs should remain unmoved. Once you feel strain in the lower back, stop and hold to that position for a few seconds and get back to the upright sitting posture. Now, do the same to the left. Continue the same for ten repetitions on each side.

The cat and the cobra style – improve your agility

Stand on all fours with your palm facing down and right below your shoulders. Your knee should be in the same line as your hip and keep the elbows stiff. Keep your shoulders down from the ears. Now, exhale and push your tailbone and head towards the ground like a cat while pushing your stomach inside. Inhale and relax your stomach and lift your tailbone and head towards the ceiling.

Wagging your tail – ab exercise for those with back problems

If you have a back problem, it is hard to keep up with the traditional exercise regime. However, you can improve your stability with this tail exercise. Stand on all fours and keep your palms right below your shoulders. Now, bend your hip to bring the left shoulder closer to your left hip. Contract the oblique muscles as much as possible. Once you feel resistance, stop in that position and move back to the first position. Now, try the other side. Try to alternate it smoothly so that it looks like wagging your tail. Your back should be straight during this exercise, and your head should be facing down.

What should you avoid during these exercises?

Do not jump into these exercises as the first thing in the morning. Do some warm-up walking and stretching exercise. It might look simple on day one, but do not overdo it. If you feel too much pressure on your muscles, relax. Do not try to do these exercises on a bed or any surface that does not give you good friction.

You can choose the best ab exercise of your choice or do all the above for a couple of minutes every day. Make sure to start small and slowly increase the intensity and duration of the exercise. Also, consistency is the key. Please do not do it for two weeks, forget for two months and then start again.


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