Arrow Season 8: Who Will Die in the episode 2?


Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 is on the way. Many speculations are saying that the two most favorite characters will die in the finale. Let’s take a closure look into it. The pace has become devastation in hong kong earth 1. However, there are many flashes from the past.

Many characters like Tatsu, Lyla, and Laurel will be in the spotlight in episode 2 of season 8. The legacy of Beth Schwartz significantly inclusion of notably more women in the show.

In Arrow season 1, two women are playing an exciting role on the screen. Tatsu fights with China White, and Laurel shows up meanwhile Lyla’s lurking in the show. The interesting part of the show is the setting of China White vs Triad.

Oliver reconciles the decision that he made in the first part of the episode. Moreover, we saw Ollie is learning the same lesson on Arrow that felt frustrating.

David Ramsey and Stephen Amell quietly show the devastation. There is fear of their talk at the secret of cyber café.  There will be an unexpected secret of season 8. We just want to say Oliver gets to open up and to try to help with earth 2 with Diggle.

The episode ended with Oliver that shares his realization with Tatsu. He shares that if he monitors wrong, he will be lost his family. There are chances that Ollie will return with their friends to Hong Kong. The episode features a strong character for laurel and Ollie with an exciting twist, and Lyla is also involved in it.


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