The definitive guide to appointing a registered agent in Delaware

registered agent in Delaware

As a business owner, it can be overwhelming with the amount of information given and needed when setting up different parts of your business. Setting up an LLC is one factor that you need to do with such care, even though it is an easy process to do. One part of the LLC requires you to legally appoint a registered agent in Delaware. Here is a guide on how to appoint a registered agent in Delaware.

What is a registered agent in Delaware?

A registered agent is not the owner of the business. A registered agent in Delaware is someone who is responsible for handling and organizing all the legal paperwork, taxes and can provide additional advice for professional support. They can also be liable for the company if they fail to meet the deadlines on time and fail to notify you about any lawsuits.A registered agent can help maintain the reputation of your business, have a personalised system for you and give you flexible time by notifying you on all important events and documents.

Here are some registered agents to consider:


You would be paying $99 annually for a great package with ZenBusiness. They offer you a Worry Free Compliance, notify you on compliance events, as well as help with your annual filing and provide you professional support.


This registered service has been doing business since 1998, so they have years of experience on their hands. They are a friendly LLC service since they offer support such as scanning all documents onto a personalised platform for you to view on, they offer professional advice and they make sure that there are no troubles or problems for you whatsoever. You would be paying $125 a year for a great package with this service.

How do I appoint a registered agent?

Once you have chosen who you want to hire as a registered agent, you would need to fill out a form called ‘Certification of Formation’ which is necessary to file out in Delaware. There is a $90 filing fee and the form needs to be downloaded online and then filled out physically, in order to be sent to the Delaware Secretary of State. You’d be asked to provide all the information of your registered agent in the third section of the form.

When hiring a registered agent the price can vary. For example, if you have hired a formation service to help you set up your LLC, they may already appoint you a registered agent for free. If you go out and selectively choose a registered agent for your company, the price can be different depending on who you go with. The best thing to look out for is a company that would not increase their fees yearly.

What happens if I want to change my registered agent?

Since it is legally required for you to have a registered agent in all states, you are able to change your registered agent. It would cost you a $50 fee and you would have to fill out a form on the website of the Delaware Secretary of State. Before you submit the form, there must be proof of consent by your newly appointed registered agent. 

You can always choose to be a self registered agent in Delaware, which means that all of the workload, lawsuits and reputations will be in your hands. As a business owner, it can be seen as a beneficial thing to do if you are tech savvy, have great time management skills and can work well under pressure. However, you have to keep in mind that you would have to be present at your business at all times, in order to not miss out on any special deliveries. Another factor that you have to consider is that you won’t be served your lawsuits discreetly, since being a self registered agent means that you would have to be served in front of your peers and family.


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