5 Ways to Rock a Zip Pullover

    Zip Pullover

    If you’re bored with wearing regular sweaters and you want to pull off a more extraordinary look, you should consider something different: zip pullovers. It is a fashion choice that offers many rewards. It is more casual than a sweater but more put-together compared to a sweatshirt.

    These clothing items are versatile and should be a part of any guy’s wardrobe. They look good enough to be worn when going out for lunch and warm and relaxed enough so that you can wear them at soccer games or the beach.

    How to Wear a Zip Pullover – 5 Fashionable Ways

    From simple pullovers to high-end versions, there’s nothing you cannot find on the market. Here are some of the best ways to rock a zip pullover.

    1. Create a Layered Look

    Layered outfits are stylish, modern, and sleek as long as you do them correctly. If you wear the zip pullover as it is, you won’t make a huge statement. Instead, you should include it in a layered outfit. Wear the item under a slim fit jacket and over a plain T-shirt. Pair the top elements with jeans and throw some sports shoes in the mix.

    1. Include the Zip Pullover in Your Athleisure Look

    You can combine coolness with comfort and create a fantastic athleisure outfit. All you have to do is wear the zip pullover with running trousers or fitted joggers. To complete the look, put on some minimal leather sneakers, and you’re done. You will look casual yet sleek, and people won’t think that you were lazy, and you didn’t change your gym clothes.

    1. Throw on a Leather Jacket

    If you want a safer and simpler look, you should opt for a leather jacket over the zip pullover. This kind of jacket goes well with all zip pullovers. Regardless of the season, a leather jacket paired with this kind of top clothing item will always take out any confusion or headaches.

    Zip pullovers have significantly improved in terms of fit, fabrics, and quality. That’s why you should invest in well-made and well-fitted casual designs that you can safely wear on many occasions. You can feature such a look when going to the gym or as your go-to off-duty look.

    On the bottom, you can opt for black jeans, which allow you to try different pullover colors. Most men would choose a pair of trainers or sports shoes but, if you want a smarter loo, you should go with short suede boots.

    1. Wear It under Denim Jackets

    Zip pullovers look great when worn under denim jackets. It is a quick and effortless outfit that you can display when going to the gym or simply hang out with your friends. It is a very put-together appearance.

    1. Pair It with Distressed Jeans

    Distressed jeans paired with zip pullovers will surely make you look cool. They lead to great hipster-ish outfits. Ripped jeans are much more casual than traditional ones, and they always seem to find a way to get back into fashion. This type of pants makes anything look casual and carefree.

    Main Zip Pullover Guidelines

    Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do:

    • Purchase high-quality designs and zip pullovers made of durable and comfy fabric;
    • Opt for a timeless model that’s also versatile;
    • Choose a color that complements many other items from your wardrobe;
    • A well-fitted pullover will lead to a sharp look. 

    Zip pullovers can have many variations in terms of fashion and outfits. You can wear them on weekends, when you run your errands, for an after-hours drink with your friends, and on many other occasions. It is a highly versatile and comfy clothing item.


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