3 Key Tips for Buying Laboratory Reagents

Buying Laboratory Reagents

With the introduction of technology, people have grown curious to know and discover more. The innovative attitude encourages one to perform scientific experiments than before. Remember, experimenting can be successful if you use the correct equipment and suitable laboratory chemicals. It would be best if you also observed safety as some of the reagents are highly flammable. If you have adequate knowledge, you can buy chemicals and equipment and then create your laboratory. It will help if you have extensive experience with reagents and chemical reactions. If you are an entrepreneur, you can repackage and sell laboratory chemicals. Following are the tips that you need to know while buying laboratory reagents:

Be Keen on the Chemical Packaging

The chemicals you are going to use need to have as safety packaging. It is best if you confirm that the chemical comes with maximum protection that keeps it fresh. Besides the chemical need to have a longer shelf life, don’t forget to take material safety data to adhere to the safety rules. Remember, if there is no seal, then maybe the chemicals in the container can be contaminated. The chemicals have been packed in a PVC glass container to allow you to see and confirm what you are buying to be safer. Some substances like magnesium ribbon are stored in zipper bags, while chemicals like sodium are immersed in petroleum since it is highly flammable when exposed to air. It is a good idea to know about the reactivity of each chemical before Buying Laboratory Reagents.

The Chemical Package Sizes

Reactivity of different chemicals reduces with time. The faster you use some chemicals, the more reactive they are. Once they stay for along time, they decompose. Remember, some chemicals become hazardous if stored for an extended period, so you need to go for a small pack size that you can use a few times. It will also help if you have proper knowledge about the chemical reactivity process, hazardous effects, and reaction process before buying any chemicals. You can check on https://www.agilent.com/en/product/atomic-spectroscopy to determine if they have information that will help you minimize accidents while handling the chemicals.  

The Labeling of Chemicals

Before making any purchase ensure that the bottles have labels; the chemical bottles come with information imprinted on them. Be sure to check whether the following information is available in the imprints;

  • Name of the chemical, its purity level, grade, and concentration.
  • The chemical safety guide with information about all the safety measures that you need to follow while using the chemical
  • Warning details
  • The first aid details in case you get harmed from the chemicals
  • A compatible chemical list
  • The self-life of the product
  • Date of purchase
  • Recommended disposal method
  • Solubility 
  • Date of purchase.

If your chemical has appropriate labeling, you can store and use them properly, thus reducing the chances of accidents.

Different companies manufacture different chemicals in the market. It is best to research and find out which companies are producing high-quality chemicals before making a purchase. You can collect and compare information about different brands. You can check on agilent.com/en/product/atomic-spectroscopy to confirm what they have and compare with other companies before choosing what meets your needs. There are brands known for quality because the supplier has been in the market for a long, but that does not prevent you from buying new brands that are also good. 


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