Self-Guided Tours:

I am proud to present to you, the new Self-Guided Tour section. Each section represents one day worth of tours.

When I bought this website I realized how unbelievably dense it was with information. Although I love the 'By Geography' and 'By Episode' sections, I view them as educational and I feel that it its simply too much to ask of anyone to try and piece these locations together to try and make their own tour. So I have done it for you.

I have made 3 days worth of tours for you to follow. Those of you throughout the years who have done it without the Self-Guided Tour section, kudos to you!

This is a guide, you assume all risk and responsibility.


Guided Tours:

Note: For a guided tour, book with KOS Tours (just click on the link above with the Hummer). There are two particular locations that you cannot access without taking a tour with KOS Tours; Kualoa Ranch, and Paradise Park. (you can get onto Kualoa by taking a tour with Kualoa Ranch, but LOST locations are not emphasized, and KOS Tour groups are much smaller and more personal than Kualoa Ranch tours.) Tours go Monday through Saturday. You can call them directly at 808-561-2440 or email them at

If you found KOS Tours through this website, make sure you let them know that LOSTvirtualtour sent you.

5hr Tour- Some highlights at Kualoa Ranch Include: Galaga Submarine dock (Kualoa recently purchased the Submarine from the auction and placed it in their bunker, which KOS covers), Widmore's Hydra Island Sub Dock, Tempest station, Logs where Ana Lucia kills Goodwin, Jughead Bomb Tower, hill Hurley restarts Dharma van, location where Man In Black breaks bottle, Hurley's Golf Course, and more... You will also see filming location for movies like, Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Pearl Harbor, You Me and Dupree, George of the Jungle, and the tv show Hawaii Five-O

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