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Waihe'e Valley Trail and Water Hole

Numerous locations along and just off this trail have been used numerous times for Lost, probably due to the dirt road that can be used to ferry the Lost film crew's equipment. At the end of the trail is the Waihe'e waterfall, also a filming location.



Thank you to contributor A.C. and her sources for alerting us that many areas along this trail had been Lost filming locations.

See Self-Guided Tour Page on Water Hole for more detailed directions

Episode 2x05 ...and Found Lost Virtual Tour

The actual scene from Lost provides a 360 degree panorama.

Notice this banyan has rolls of chicken wire at its base, with an opening cut in the side.

Eko and Jin peer out from their hiding spot in the underbrush as the Others walk by.

The wiring is covered by a thick layer of placed dead ferns, so it almost certainly served as the location where Eko and Jin hid from the Others and peeked out from an understory of ferns to see the teddy bear.

Quicktime VR panorama. The opening view matches the first screencap with Eko and Jin. You'll also notice the banyan tree with the chicken wire at the bottom where Eko and Jin hid from the Others, as well as the surrounding trees from the scene.

Fishing wire is visible; presuambly it was used to hold foliage and other set dressing.
A view up from the filming location to the steep uphill path leading back to the main trail next to the small banyan tree. Note the bare posts which presumably once supported a guard rail.
The filming location is accessed by departing the trail to the left at the location indicated by the arrow. This is the steep uphill portion immediately following the open field by the large cement dike.

You'll be able to notice bare posts that formerly held a guard rail. Caution: The path is extremely steep and slippery.
Don't forget your mosquito repellent before venturing here!

This vantage point looks down toward the ocean; immediately below the ferns in the foreground is the main Waihe'e trail.
A wider view of the same.
This is what the filming location looks like from down at the trail level. A small path leading upwards to the trees is cut in the ferns.
Here's a better view of the same thing-- the main trail goes from left (back to trailhead) to right (toward waterfall end). On the left side of the trail (while hiking up to the waterfall), a small side path with steps cut into the dirt is visible. The trees in the scene are clearly visible.
Episode 2x07 The Other 48 Days Lost Virtual Tour
This bridge is the first stream crossing. Look off the to the right to see the filming location for the above scene with Ana-Lucia in the stream. Bring insect repellent if you venture near the water.

Note the plant with broad circular leaves in the front center; it may match the leaves seen at closeup at the far left of the scene from Lost.
A wider view of the same photo
Waihe'e Valley Trail Water Hole
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Travelling along the windward side on the main road, Kamehameha Hwy, turn into Waihe'e valley by Waihe'e Rd..

The entire trail is a rough unpaved road. The road leads all the way to the Waihe'e waterfall at the end of the valley, which was the filming location for Michael futilely screaming for Walt.


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