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Villa Noela

This residential property is one of the 20 most expensive on O'ahu, and it is currently for sale for eight figures.


This plantation-inspired home is currently for sale, which is probably the reason why Lost was able to film here. As they say, if you need to ask, you can't afford it: the asking price is over $17 million. The house is the former residence of Andre Tatibouet, the founder of Aston Hotels. This property has recently been in the local news (see links below). On the subject of Aston hotels, Aston's hotel in downtown Honolulu's Executive Centre served as the window view backdrop to Hurley's financial adviser in Ep. 1x18 Numbers, which was filmed from Pauahi Tower.

There is also another nearby 1928 home that is also known as "Villa Noela", the former home of the late Mary Erdman (Walter Dillingham was her uncle) who is known for "saving" Diamondhead and Punchbowl Craters, as well as leading the campaign to ban advertising billboards in Hawai'i, a ban that still stands today. However Erdman's Villa Noela is not the same as the Lost filming location pictured here.

Lost also filmed at nearby property around the corner on Noela St., serving as Boone's country club in Ep. 1x13 Hearts and Minds.


Honolulu Magazine "
25 Most Expensive Houses on O'ahu": This house comes in at 18th. See also the homes that came in at 4th and 22nd, both Lost filming locations.

Coldwell Banker
listing of the home for sale; more photos available here.

RealEstateJournal: this house was listed as the WSJ site's House of the Week

Pacific Business News: Article about Tatibouet's filing of bankruptcy protection notes the mortgage on what is probably this property.

Honolulu Advertiser: (Jan 20, 2007) - Mansion sold off in bankruptcy: Creditors pay $7.5M for Tatibouet home once listed for $19.9M

On Noela St., near the intersection with Holei St.

Lost Virtual Tour

Michael comes to Brian Porter's house to claim Walt.

The view from the Diamondhead Crater lookout reveals identifiable buildings from the screencap, just to the left of Michael. The difference in perspective indicates that the filming location is slightly to the right of this sightline from Diamondhead.

The street-level view. The scene above was filmed from the polygonal structure at left; note the matching fence and palms.

The house has several distinctive polygonal structures
The famous "ghost" becomes visible at far right.

Also compare the ceiling with the photograph immediately below, from Season 3 Episode 2, The Glass Ballerina:
Episode 3x02 The Glass Ballerina

Sun's childhood residence

This photo from RealEstateJournal;
this is the living room. The house was listed in the Real Estate Journal as the Wall Street Journal website's House of the Week. This home is still for sale through Coldwell Banker.

Another storyline location: Jae Lee's residence interior

This photo is from RealEstateJournal, as above. This is the Master Bedroom.

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