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Po'ipu Pl. residences (two)

These are private residences! Do not disturb!

This page represents two filming locations. These are some of the few oceanside residences in the upscale coastal neighborhood of Portlock. Interestingly, this property lies directly above most of the shoots at the China Walls filming location.


These are private residence!
Do not disturb!

The home on the right is for sale. This fact is probably the reason why Lost was able to film here, as at other homes on the market such as Villa Noela. However the story behind how the property to the left was also filmed is unknown.

The home with the atrium is for sale for $5,750,000:
English: American Dream Realty
Japanese: Sachi Hawaii
(At this website, click on the image for a photo gallery of the property)

Po'ipu Pl. off Po'ipu Dr. in Portlock neighborhood.

Lost Virtual Tour

Exterior view: Jin and Mr. Paik's hit man arrive at Secretary Han's home.

The outer lighting fixture on the left was a prop. The wall-mounted one next to it can be seen turned off in the screencap. Note the irregular white wall also matches, as do the tile shapes and the various rooflines. However, the door at this real world entrance cannot be seen clearly here.

A wider view.

Interior view: Jin forces his way into the home. Note the door panels of frosted glass.
This is not the same house! This is the house immediately next door to the right. Note the shape and color of roof tiles differ. However it has a front door matching the screencap. We discovered this home on the market for $5,750,000 at two real estate sites, one in English at American Dream Realty, and the other in Japanese at Sachi Hawaii. Three promotional images (therefore presumed to be appropriate to reproduce here), from Sachi Hawaii follow below:

Jin storms in to assault the Secretary. An atrium or outer back patio with a rock garden is evident.

Photo by Sachi Hawaii Realtors
The garden is revealed to be an atrium.

Jin's earlier first attempt to deliver the Secretary his message from Mr. Paik. Note the wooden poles.

Again, note the wooden pole to the left.

Photo by Sachi Hawaii Realtors
A top view of this open-air home. The dark blue roofing tiles of the property used for the exterior of this scene are visible at right.

The Secretary's daughter watching Hurley. Again, note the wooden pole to the left.

Photo by Sachi Hawaii Realtors
An aerial view showing China Walls at bottom right, and Spitting Caves just beyond it. Note the walled backyard lawn.

Our photo from fifty feet below at China Walls, these properties are visible at the cliff top above the cove and point where many Lost scenes are filmed. For example Arzt was standing at the cliff corner in profile at center. However the atrium is not evident from this vantage point. Closeups from this vantage point are below.

Closeup of the building on the left. This is the building with the atrium that served as the interior filming location for this scene. The wall around the rear lawn can be seen.
This home is the next door residence filmed for the exterior shot of this scene. Both homes have a some of the best ocean views on the island.

The entrance corner to the short cul-de-sac. Note the rock formations jutting out of this house's garden are reminiscent of China Walls and Spitting Caves down below.

A wide view of the end of the cul-de-sac. In case you want those gorgeous views, notice the for-sale sign! It's a bargain at 1/3 the price of another Lost filming location, Villa Noela, which has an ocean view, but is not on the oceanfront like these Po'ipu Pl. properties.

An aerial view of the Portlock neighborhood.

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