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One North King Gate

These side access gates for the One North King property (formerly McClain's Auctions, but a vacant property as of 2009) lie along Nuuanu Ave. between N. King and Merchant St.

See also: One North King St. and Murphy's Alley and O'Toole's Irish Pub


Urban75.org numerous photographs of the real Brixton tube station and its recent construction project from this Brixton-based forum and website.

Nuuanu Ave. between N. King St. and Merchant St.


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Lost Virtual Tour

Having sold the piano, Liam leaves Charlie to start a new life.

The scene actually begins in the alley behind Murphy's Bar and Grill. Although the chain link fence is really there, the lamp and posters are props. The lamp looks very similar to the ones also used in other scenes: 1) the opposite wall of the same alley (see Murphy's Alley) set in a different London location, and 2) O'Toole's Irish Pub street (over the O'Toole's sign), 3) Macky's Shirmp Truck (over the Sweet Shrimp sign).

The same view at a different angle reveals the back of Murphy's on the right, the view recognizable from Ep. 1x15 Homecoming.

A daytime view.

Liam rounds the corner past a red telephone box.

Note the matching parking meter and gray brick; the windows had some covering during filming.
The reflection in the glass of the telephone box prop is the apropos Harp Ale neon sign from O'Toole's Irish Pub. (For a comparison, see O'Toole's gallery photo from St. Patrick's Day)

Liam then crosses the street and heads toward the Brixton tube station. A UK-style black cab (see props storage) is visible on the left.

This view is along Nuuanu Ave. Unlike some scenes in Australia, this scene was not horizontally reversed, as presumably the steering wheels on the US-drive cars are not visible in this quick scene. Also the UK-style black cab would render that technique moot.
Lost Virtual Tour

A daytime view. The white entranceway with the handrail just to the right of the gate is also a back entrance into the One North King property.

A wider view shows the far corner of the One North King property (used in Ep. 1x04 Walkabout), as well as the First Hawaiian Bank beyond it across the street on the mauka (mountainside) corner.

Closeup of the gate in 2006

A later view (from January 2007) shows the gate area is under construction. The alternate side entrance to One North King (McClain's Auctions) to its immediate right now sports a metal gate.
Episode 3x08 Flashes Before Your Eyes

This view looks toward the ocean end of Nu'uanu St. toward Honolulu Harbor by the Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Note that the automobiles are parked on the left side of the street, as they would be in the UK. Note the hanging sign for O'Toole's Irish Pub just above the red call box.

When you visit, of course the cars will be parked on the right side. O'Toole's Irish Pub is at the corner on the right by the 25mph sign, and following the crosswalk to the left would bring you to the corner location of Murphy's Bar and Grille, both Lost filming locations.

The sign to O'Toole's Irish Pub was obscured by the 25mph sign above.

Again, it is apparent that the vehicles are parked on the left side of the street. Is that grey BMW the same as the one Kate's Tom Brennan used, and Jin used? See Iwilei Lot (storage) for a comparison.

As of Jan 2007, the main gate area was covered by a green board, similar to the appearance in the episode image at left.

By summer 2007, the main gate area at left again sports a metal gate. This is the side entrance to One North King (McClain's Auctions).

Note the typo by the props department. Such a sign in the UK would read "HONOUR" not "HONOR".

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