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Mark's Garage

This downtown parking area is convenient for downtown and the Hawaii Theatre as well as the nearby Chinatown area. It has a structure as well as an adjacent outdoor lot. Mark's Garage is also known for its ground floor art space, known as The ARTS at Mark's Garage.


On the first friday of every month is the First Friday Artwalk in the Chinatown art and club district. The area attracts thousands of pedestrians as local galleries including the ARTS at Mark's Garage are open for the evening, and all of the local clubs in this area down to Hotel St., as well as other nearby locations such as Indigo's Restaurant are bustling late into the night. For more information on First Friday and parking, see the Honolulu Chinatown website.

The ARTS at Mark's Garage

1159 Nuuanu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96817

808 521-2903 (For ARTS at Marks Garage)

Hours: for the ARTS at Marks Garage:
Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

(The Mark's Garage parking lot is not limited to these hours)


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Lost Virtual Tour

This is the scene after Michael trades the Rolex for a gun.

This is the rear mountainside entrance to the Mark's Garage building. The outdoor lot is off the image across the street to the right. The visible street along the right edge of the image is Chaplain Lane, which is a filming location to the rear of this image across Bethel St.

This is an earlier scene from the episode when Michael begins his car trip in his green Dodge as he makes his way toward the docks.

This is almost the same location from the photo above, but turned 90 degrees looking from the corner toward the ocean down the cross street of Bethel St.

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