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Kila Kalikimaka Mall

This is the rundown pedestrian mall on the Ewa (West) side of Nu'uanu Stream. The right side of the stream is generally regarded as the westernmost edge of Chinatown. It is more commonly known as "College Walk".


Honolulu Chinatown


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The Hangang Bridge over the Han River is "played" by a footbridge over Nu'uanu Stream.

The Korean mountain range and skyline was added digitally in postproduction. In reality this direction faces toward the empty ocean horizon.

The background is the Chinatown Cultural Plaza at the far Western edge of Honolulu Chinatown.

A 180 degree panorama

The patios across the stream are often active with neighborhood residents with some variety of gaming.

At rear is the Kukui St. bridge

Another view toward the ocean shows the empty horizon, and not the mountainous Korean skyline.

The pedestrian mall on the Ewa (West) shore of the stream is called Kila Kalikimaka Mall, although you'd be hard pressed to find a resident who knows this name. Even Googling the name comes up nil on webages that mention this name, but according to this sign, that's the proper title.

In some maps, including Google Maps, it is known as "College Walk", the more usual designation.

A view of the bridge from the opposite end, standing near N. Beretania St. by the edge of Chinatown Cultural Plaza

The Diamondhead (Eastern) shore's pedestrian mall (bordering Chinatown Cultural Plaza) is called Sun Yat-Sen Mall. This sign is at the corner of Beretania St.

"Nuuanu Stream"

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