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Macky's Shrimp Truck

This Kahuku shrimp truck is one of several shrimp trucks along Kamehameha Hwy. This one is the only one that is on the mountainside of the road, as opposed to the oceanside. However the original truck actually used in the episode is in a storage area behind a chain-link fence and gate just to the south on the oceanside of the road, and the filming location was in a third location.

See also Props Storage.


Neither the location of Macky's operating shrimp truck, nor the storage location of the decommissioned truck, are the actual filming location.

The actual filming location, where the production crew brought the old truck, is near the shrimp aquaculture ponds near Romy's Shrimp Shack.

However if you actually want to eat shrimp, we recommend Giovanni's Shrimp Truck in Kahuku Town. They are far superior to the other trucks. Giovanni's has been ranked as one of the "100 Best Meals in the World" by Saveur Magazine. However, to be fair, Macky's won the "Battle of the North Shore Shrimp Trucks" in 2005.

Google Maps (filming location)

Kamehameha Hwy between Turtle Bay Hilton and Hale'iwa, (very near Turtle Bay). Passing Turtle Bay Hilton going "clockwise" around the island, there are several more shrimp establishments on the oceanside of the road. Macky's is the only one on the mountainside of the road. However, the original truck used in the filming (with almost identical art and sign) are just to the south in a storage area behind a chain link fence and gate (
This is private proprety, no trespassing).

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Lost Virtual Tour

BUSINESS LOCATION: The shrimp truck really is Macky's in real life too. Pictured is a newer vehicle operated by Macky's than the one that was actually filmed-- the artwork and sign are slightly different than the screencap.

Storage location of the actual truck as well as the actual filming location (not at Macky's normal location) revealed here first.

STORAGE LOCATION: The old vehicle that was filmed for Lost is out back in storage in a different location. However this storage location is not the filming location either. Note the better match of the shrimp and palm tree artwork with the scene from Lost. This is private proprety, no trespassing.

The location of the storage lot is the second driveway on the right in the photo above. Below: another view of the former Macky's truck.

Note that the lamps above the sign are probably Lost props, since they closely match the shape of lamps seen in: 1) O'Toole's Irish Pub street (over the O'Toole's sign), 2) Alley behind Murphy's Pub (lighting the alley over the meters), and 3) One North King Gate (in the alley from which Liam and Charlie exit.

The artwork is a match with the old vehicle in the storage lot.

As Sawyer exits his car, shrimp aquaculture pools are visible in the background.

FILMING LOCATION: The ponds and treeline match this location, which is the current retail location and parking lot of a competitor, Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp. The exact location was probably left Kaena side (West) of these structures at Fumi's. Speculatively, perhaps the Lost production company paid Macky's for the use of their truck, and Fumi's for the use of their land.

Note that the scene does not seem to be horizontally flipped like other Australia scenes that feature vehicles, for example episodes 1x21 The Greater Good, 1x24 Exodus: Part 2, and 2x20 Two for the Road. Therefore note the map on the dashboard strategically covering the view of the (US left-side) steering wheel, and the muddy windshield hiding the lack of one on the opposite side.

Compare at left the first screencap from the top of this page. Note that the small structure at far left (flat roof, chain link fence) matches the screencap. Therefore: 1) we've matched the location, 2) we've matched the truck, 3) we know the storage location of the original truck, 4) we know the location of the real Macky's, with their new truck.

The view across the road: a windbreak and farmland.

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