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Jelly's Music

Jelly's Music, also known as Jelly's Original, sells used CDs and vinyl, as well as musical instruments and comics. The proprietor is Sheriff Norm, who made a name for himself in the 90's with his radio station, Radio Free Hawaii.


Jelly's proprietor is none other than "Sheriff" Norm Winter, the former owner and operator of the Honolulu radio station Radio Free Hawaii, which Rolling Stone magazine ranked as among the top 5 in the entire nation. Its weekly rotation was based solely on a lively weekly poll by listeners resulting in segues from the Kikaida theme to AC/DC, jazz classics, and Reel Big Fish-- and the DJs were notorious for playing any request, ranging from insiders' indie rock to the Cookie Monster Song from Sesame Street. The station was among the first to give ska bands Reel Big Fish and Dance Hall Crashers airtime in 1991 before they became famous. Radio Free went off the air in 1994, returned a year later, only to go off again in 1995. When asked, Norm replied that he plans to bring back Radio Free some day. We hope so. For now, come down and support his cause at Jelly's.

This store is sometimes called "Jelly's Original" because Winter sold some of his other Jelly's locations to the mainland operator of Cheapo's music, which had also bought the rights to the name. The issue was resolved amicably with the company renaming its acquisitions under the Cheapo's label, and Winter retaining his original Aiea location

Honolulu Star-Bulletin
(2001) article on Radio Free Hawaii
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (2001) article on Cheapo's acquisition of some Jelly's locations and the name change of these locations
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (1996) article on Radio Free Hawaii
Radio Free Hawaii Chart Archives

Harbor Center Shopping Plaza
98-023 Hekaha St. Suite B1-9
Aiea, HI 96701

(808) 484-4413

Hours: call for updated hours.


From Honolulu/Waikiki, take H1 West. Take the left lanes to take Moanalua Fwy (78). When Moanalua Hwy ends, take the far left lane to Pearl City, which takes you to Kamehameha Hwy (99), which is no longer a freeway but a city boulevard. Continue on this past Pearlridge Shopping Center. Take the first left after Pearlridge, which will be Hekaha St. It ends almost immediately at the shopping center containing Jelly's.

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Looking from the door inward, the cashier is to the right, and one section of guitars is at the back wall. The comics sign is midway along the left wall.

See the pink "Support Local Music" poster at upper left.

At center is proprietor Norm Winter, aka "Sheriff Norm," a local icon. His former Honolulu radio station, Radio Free Hawaii, was ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as among the Top 5 in America.

Note the many matching details. This view of from one side wall toward the opposite wall lined with comics.

"You're messing with my worldview here, Hugo. You're my rock. I mean if you quit your job the next thing you know bees will stop making honey, and flowers will die, and hell, the whole damn thing will fall apart!"

A view from the rear looking toward the front door.

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