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Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel

This meeting rooms, suites, rooms, and other locations in this hotel have been used repeatedly to depict both homes and hotels.

For the poolside bar see: Canoes at the Ilikai
See also nearby: Ala Wai Marine, Ltd., Harbor Pub, Hawaii Prince Hotel, & Ala Wai Yacht Harbor


The Ilikai offers special packages for film crews, and has positioned itself as a specialist hotel that has staff trained for the special needs of filming. The hotel even boasts a dedicated screening room and office as part of this package. Reservations for filmings are made through the sales department of the hotel.

The Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel
Pacific Business News
2004 article on filming locations and the Hawaii Film Office commisioner Walea Constantinau.

1777 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96815

(808) 949-3811


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Lost Virtual Tour

Note the hotel-like door handles and locks

The other side of the door.
Jin & Sun's apartment is filmed in the Ilikai's Harborview Suite.

A view from the outside. Note the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor visible in the background.

Note the hotel's wall-mounted hair dryer.
Episode 1x08 Confidence Man

(unconfirmed if this scene was filmed at Ilikai)
Episode 1x13 Hearts and Minds

Note the blank corner outside, as well as the door's texture.

(unconfirmed if this scene was filmed at Ilikai)
Episode 1x16 Outlaws

(unconfirmed if this scene was filmed at Ilikai)
RUMOR: This scene was filmed in the Ilikai's "Kokohead Suite."
Episode 1x17 ...In Translation
RUMOR: Jin & Sun's apartment is filmed in the Ilikai's Harborview Suite.
Episode 1x23 Exodus: Part 1
These scenes were filmed in rooms within the Ilikai's Yacht Harbor Tower

Michael and Walt came out of Room #358.

The third floor elevator to the left. The ceiling and wall lamps also match.
Episode 2x05 ...and Found

Sun's parents' residence

RUMOR: This scene was filmed in the Ilikai's Diamondhead Suite. Is the Diamondhead Lounge meeting room the same?
Episode 2x16 The Whole Truth

Sun on the way to meet with Jae Lee

This hallway is on the penthouse level.

Sun and Jin's residence
Episode 2x20 Two for the Road

The suite number plaque on the side wall is likely a prop.

The filming location was likely the Aloha Suite (unconfirmed). Note the second set of doors, as in the scene.

The view down the hall from the same location.
In this episode, we don't see Christian Shephard's hotel room, although we might assume that Ana-Lucia and Christian were staying at the same hotel in the Lost storyline. However, the interior of Christian's hotel room, as seen earlier in Jack's flashback in Ep. 1x05 White Rabbit, was filmed at a different location, the Hawaii Convention Center Rooftop.

The back of the hotel faces out over the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor and beyond it, the ocean. Note the 3 wings of the hotel radiating out from its center.
Episode 3x02 The Glass Ballerina

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