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Hotel St. Apartment

This second floor corner apartment is directly above Amy's Place, but is a separate unit accessible from a different entrance. The unit is currently occupied by the women's fashion atelier Fighting Eel.


Fighting Eel

Although normally closed to the public, as of May 2008, Fighting Eel has a special sale open to the public every Thursday and Friday from 11am to 5pm. Please DO NOT DISTURB when closed to the public.

Fighting Eel
47 Hotel St.
Honolulu, HI


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Episode 1x10 Raised by Another Lost Virtual Tour

Distinctive windows on the building across the street area visible.

A view out the second-to-left window on the Ewa (West) wall of the apartment.

The flat is revealed to be a corner unit with windows of single-pane width. Also, considering perspective foreshortening, this scene shows that the window at right is much closer to the corner than the window at left. Note the blue and peach roofline visible at the bottom of the right window.

Several area buildings have the same decorative windows, but these along Smith St. above the Hawaiian Heritage Center across from Amy's Place are the only ones that are correctly spaced, as well as being across from a second story corner unit with single-pane windows. Note the matching wear on the second window from the right. You can also see this building from the 2x08 Collision comparison photo for the Eternal Tattoo Alley.

A rare sample sale by the current tenants, the atelier Fighting Eel.
Standing at the corner in front of Amy's Place, the blue and peach roof line of the building across the street is visible through window in the screencap in the window behind the paintings. This detail was a yet another confirming clue that this location was correctly identified.

(Also, at the left edge, the Jos. P. Mendoça '1901' Building is one of several Chinatown buildings that are "red herrings"-- its windows have the correct decorative pattern, but there is no appropriate second story location to match the screencaps.)

The far left window on the Ewa (West) face of the flat.
Lost Virtual Tour Lost Virtual Tour

A wide view of the interior. The entrance stairway is out of view to the right. Turning to the left would reveal the window that Claire is standing in front of from the first screencap at top.

The current tenants, women's fashion designer Fighting Eel is open only on Thursdays and Fridays from 11am - 5pm featuring a regular 30-80% off sale.

The exit stairway leading to Hotel St.

A view from the outside. Amy's Place is next door to the right.

A view of the filming location of Claire's 2nd floor corner flat, at top center. Note the different spacing of the second floor corner windows.The front door to Amy's Place along Hotel St. is visible at left, its back door on Smith St. is at right, and at far right is the alley by Eternal Tattoo from Episode 2x08's domestic disturbance scene.

Chinese New Year celebration parade
Claire's Hotel St. apartment and Amy's Place is visible at center background. If you are in Honolulu near mid February, check out the Chinese New Year's festivities. The festival usually begins on the 3rd Friday, culminating with a parade and street festival on Saturday. See the calendars at the Honolulu Chinatown and Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The Hotel St. entrance of the apartment and Amy's Place at night. On the first friday of every month is the First Friday Artwalk in the Chinatown art and club district. The area attracts thousands of pedestrians as local galleries open for the evening, and all of the local clubs in the area along Hotel St., as well as other nearby locations such as Indigo's Restaurant are bustling late into the night. For more information on First Friday and parking, see the Honolulu Chinatown website.

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