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Hawai'i Convention Center (Rooftop)

Although the Hawaii Convention Center usually doubles as the Sydney Airport, other locations within the HCC, such as this 2.5 acre rooftop space, have been used to depict other locations in the Lost storyline. The room used in White Rabbit is actually just below the roof area, in the 321-328 wing. The room is #328, also known as The Waikiki Room.


The convention center was built in 1997, opened in 1998, and has 1,007,000 sq. ft of space (93,000 sq. m) and cost over $200 million. It has been voted the most beautiful convention center in the world by International Association of Exhibition Management. The ground floor exhibit hall has 200,000 sq. ft of space, and features a 2.5 acres tropical rooftop garden. Hawaiian and polynesian motifs are to be found throughout. The project to build the convention center was the largest "design to build" project in the history of the state.

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Other areas of the convention center have also been used for Lost filming location. These are:
Hawai'i Convention Center
Hawai'i Convention Center Kitchen


2270 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: (808) 923-1811

Directions: The convention center is bordered on three sides by Kalakaua Ave., Kapiolani Blvd., and the Ala Wai Canal. From Waikiki, simply exit Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave. Parking entrances exist on both the oceanside and Kalakaua sides.

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Lost Virtual Tour Lost Virtual Tour

1) From the ground level, take the set of escalators that goes the highest, the set on the left of the column.

2) At the top, you'll see this view in front of you of the 3rd floor mezannine. Continue walking forward to the far end of this space, then turn right.

3) Here is the hallway as you turn right, past a set of restrooms and drinking fountains.

4) These signs are visible in the center background of the previous photo. The meeting room's windows are visible at center.

5) You've arrived, these are your first meeting room doors on your left. The doors will be locked and closed to entry unless this room is being used for an event.
Episode 1x05 White Rabbit Lost Virtual Tour

Jack finds his father Christian Shephard's hotel room in Australia. Note the patio roof, and the colored building in the view to the left. The automatic sliding curtains are not typical of most hotel suites.
The meeting room, #328, also known as The Waikiki Room.

A wider view shows the true height of the room is nearly double what it appears to be in the episode.

The buildings in the background match the view from the roof of the Hawai'i Convention Center.

Quicktime Virtual Reality panorama looking down from the roof area to the lattices above the 321-328 wing of the convention center. Note the matching skyline. You can also see two Ala Wai Canal locations. Towards the mauka (mountain) side of the canal, you'll be able to see the bridge where Sun walks into Jin, and towards the other end, just to the left of the yellow crane, you can see the intersection where the doctor accosts Sun who is walking her dog Popo, as seen by the apartment tower and pink building. Also, obscured by the treeline at the near shore of the same bridge, is the Ala Wai Promenade from Michael's meeting with Walt. Farther to the makai (oceanside) end, you'll see the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, as well as the twin towers of the Hawaii Prince Hotel as seen from Desmond's photograph.

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