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Hawai'i Convention Center

Hawai'i's largest convention center is owned by the Hawai'i Tourism Authority, and is located on 10 acres of land just outside of Waikiki. Other non-airport scenes filmed here include: the Hawai'i Convention Center Rooftop, and the Hawai'i Convention Center Kitchen.


The convention center was built in 1997, opened in 1998, and has 1,007,000 sq. ft of space (93,000 sq. m) and cost over $200 million. It has been voted the most beautiful convention center in the world by International Association of Exhibition Management. The ground floor exhibit hall has 200,000 sq. ft of space, and features a 2.5 acres tropical rooftop garden. Hawaiian and polynesian motifs are to be found throughout. The project to build the convention center was the largest "design to build" project in the history of the state.

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Other areas of the convention center have also been used for Lost filming locations depicting scenes other than the Sydney Airport. These are:
Hawai'i Convention Center Kitchen
Hawai'i Convention Center Rooftop



2270 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: (808) 923-1811


The convention center is bordered on three sides by Kalakaua Ave., Kapiolani Blvd., and the Ala Wai Canal. From Waikiki, simply exit Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave. Parking entrances exist on both the oceanside and Kalakaua sides.

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Lost Virtual Tour Lost Virtual Tour

An aerial view with the convention center at center (with green roof and white roof with wave pattern). The Ala Wai canal lies just behind it, and the Ala Wai Yacht harbor is visible at top left.
1x05: White Rabbit
2x20: Two for the Road
Lost Virtual Tour

1x05 White Rabbit: Jack speaks to ticket agent "Chrissy"
1x06: House of the Rising Sun Lost Virtual Tour

Jin is revealed to be standing behind Jack in his scene from 1x05.
Also note the extra at center coming from the bottom of the escalators. This is one of the survivor background extras in the island scenes. Depicted by Faith Fay, she has developed a minor cult following as the "Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl", or SBSSG.

Note one escalator is out of order. If people are observed to be walking up the escalator in scenes from Lost, this is the reason.

A Roberts Hawaii tour bus is parked outside, presumably to obscure the non-airport buildings across the street.

1x06 House of the Rising Sun: The Convention Center inner exhibition hall doors are visible.
1x23: Exodus: Part 1 Lost Virtual Tour

In the background, Atkinson Drive from the left turns onto Kapiolani Blvd. At left is the mid-level mezzanine.

These signs are replaced by props reading "International Gates" and "Domestic Gates". One set of escalators goes to the top floor, the other to a midway mezzanine. Note the center set is out of order.

Note the doors to the rear.
1x24: Exodus: Part 2 Lost Virtual Tour

This scene was filmed in the Hawai'i Convention Center bathroom. There are several on each floor, so the exact one is unconfirmed.

Sayid being escorted past an arrivals/departures display

Michael on the phone

Note the Hawai'i Convention Center exhibit hall sign: "Kamehameha."

Hurley buys an electric scooter from the priest in 1x07 The Moth. The old man is played by Honolulu acting icon Glenn Cannon, professor at the University of Hawaii's drama department and co-founder and director (with former Columbia-TriStar president Chris Lee) of the Cinematic and Digital Arts (CDA) film program at the university. He's also known as Dr. Ibold from Magnum, P.I. and the Attorney General from Hawaii Five-O.

Hurley charges past. The blonde girl in the blue shirt walking away from the camera at right is a frequent beach survivor extra played by actress Faith Fay who has a minor cult following, and is known as "SBSSG": Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl.

The arrivals/departure display is actually a wooden or cardboard prop. The CRT displays are simply colored sheets of paper.

The ticket counters are props, and are not found at the Hawai'i Convention Center in these locations.
2x19: S.O.S. Lost Virtual Tour

Locke has just met Rose
2x21: ? Lost Virtual Tour
3x03 Further Instructions Lost Virtual Tour

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