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The Discount Store

This N. King St. store marks the end point of Hurley's car chase. This store specializes in electronics and stereo hi-fi equipment.


Address: 951 N. King St. Honolulu, HI 96825

Phone: (808) 531-7777

at intersection with Peterson Ln.

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Episode 4x01 The Beginning of the End Lost Virtual Tour

Hurley's Camaro crashes into the lot of Circuit House, where his former boss and employee Randy now works.

The Circuit House is actually Honolulu's The Discount Store.

The ramp stunt showed a flash of a Honolulu Street sign: the word "Peterson" was visible, our first clue to this location.

This shot from the parking lot across the street shows another business, "Excellent Motor Group", a real business that provided our second clue to this location.
The smaller blue roof structure (likely from a former gas station) is no longer present.
A view Westward down N. King St.

The tower barely visible to the right was another subtle clue that this was filmed on N. King St., which contains several similar small towers.

This view is looking East (toward downtown) on N. King St., less than a half block before The Discount Store. The bus station in front of The Discount Store is barely visible just to the right of the lower green light and parked white truck.
This view is from within the parking lot of The Discount Store
  A wider view from the location of the above photo

Hurley's Camaro has crashed into what appears to be a gold Pontiac, a vehicle that now makes its fourth appearance in a car crash on Lost. This vehicle has been seen stored at the Iwilei storage lot, and may currently (as of February 2008) be at the parking lot of the Hawaii Film Studio near the blue DHARMA vans.

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