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Dillingham Airfield

Dillingham Airfield is located on the extreme west side of the island on the northern side. The Fuselages are also stored near here.

See also Fuselage Storage.


The Dillingham Airfield is a general aviation airport on the north side of the western tip of the island of O'ahu that has a 5000 x 75 ft runway for daytime operations only for small aircraft, and frequent users are recreational owners and companies. Businesss catering to tourists include skydiving and glider operations.

To see the fuselage storage area, the best access is to turn left (from Farrington Hwy) on the last road at the end of Dillingham Airfield.

Also, next to and beyond the airfield are the Mokule'ia Beach areas we have labeled as:
Mokule'ia (Army Beach),
Mokule'ia Beach (Tiger Pt.), and
Mokule'ia (beyond Camp Erdman).

Mokule'ia, HI

Phone (Visitor Information Program):
(808) 836-6413


Dillingham Airfield (HDH)


From Honolulu/Waikiki, enter H1 west, then take H2 North. H2 will end, and keep going straight. After the town ends, ignore the right turn to North Shore/Hale'iwa, and just go straight toward waialua and you will be on Kaukonahua Rd (803). Eventually the road will wind downhill with ironwood trees flanking both sides of the road. At the bottom, go through the yellow blinking light to Farrington Hwy (930). After a half mile there is a traffic circle-- go toward Mokule'ia under the bridge. Continue straight as you see Dillingham Airfield on your left.

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Episode 2x10 The 23rd Psalm Lost Virtual Tour

A similar view from far end of the same runway.

The air traffic control tower.

A wider view.


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