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Bob's Big Boy

This restaurant is part of an American family diner chain that also has branches in Canada and Japan. The restaurant in the Mapunapuna district is the only Bob's Big Boy on the island.


Bob's Big Boy

2828 Paa St.
Honolulu, HI 96819


(808) 833-3440

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From Waikiki or Downtown Honolulu, take H1 west. Stay in the lefthand lanes as the highway splits with H1 being to the right, and Hwy H201 being toward the left. Continue on H201 until the the Tripler Hospital off (Exit 3 Rt. 7310). If you have a sharp eye, you will see Bob's Big Boy across the other lanes of the highway to your left. To get there we'll need to cross over on an overpass. Turn left at the exit (Exit 3; 7310) for "Airport and Tripler Hospital". At the top immediately after turning left, go far left to the left-turn lane. This will make you reenter in the same highway but in the opposite direction, and you will follow a sign for "Paa St." before it actually merges to the main highway: Stay in the right line and take your first off, which is Paa St. There is a sharp curve that ends at a stop sign. You will actually see Bob's Big Boy to your right before you make your exit. To your right is the driveway to Bob's Big Boy.

From the other side of the island take H1 to 78 East (Exit 13B) to Honolulu. Stay on 78 (do not go to H3). Then take the Tripler/Airport off (Exit 3; 7310). At the top, do not turn left or right. Go straight (you'll see a sign for Paa St.) as if to re-enter the highway, then stay right to take the Paa St. exit. You will actually see Bob's Big Boy to your right before you make your exit.

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1) Coming from Honolulu on H1, stay to the left to take H201 (don't continue on H1)

2) Take Exit 3 for Rt 7310 for Airport/Tripler. At the top of the exit, turn LEFT for Airport. Immediately get in the left turn lane to re-enter H201. As you re-enter, take the right offramp to Paa St., which leads you to Bob's Big Boy.
Episode 2x13 The Long Con Lost Virtual Tour

Thie seat Sawyer sat at is on the side facing the highway. Beyond it, the trees of Moanalua Gardens are visible. This particular seat is identifiable by the rectangular security alarm sticker near the bottom of the left window. The label on the edge of the table marks it as table no. 35.

This view faces the rear of the restaurant

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