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Aloha Tower (rear)

This maritime landmark is also the site of Aloha Tower Marketplace, a shopping center with numerous restaurants and bars with outdoor dining. Large cruise ships also make berth behind the center's structure to the rear right, also used for valet parkng.


Visit the shops, restaurants, tower, as well as the Maritime Museum and the tall ship The Falls of Clyde. Whale watch boats also depart from here in the winter season. Also don't miss the outdoor Aloha Tower filming location for the same episode from just a few feet from the entrance to this warehouse structure.


Aloha Tower Marketplace

1 Aloha Tower Drive
Honolulu, HI

Hours (2006):
Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm, Sun 9am - 6pm
Restaurants: Daily 10am -2am (Varies by Restaurant)


From Waikiki, take Ala Moana Blvd. toward the airport. Aloha Tower is across from downtown, and is impossible to miss on your lefthand side between Bishop and Bethel Streets. Validated parking and valet parking are available.

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Episode 1x21 The Greater Good Lost Virtual Tour

The driver's side is on the right side in Australia, which this scene correctly depicts.

A horizontally reversed view of the screencap shows what the scene really looked like during filming. The driver's side is on the left. Also note the matching windows at the ceiling.

Note that in the scene from Lost, the black numbers and "EXIT" signs and numbers on the columns have all been taped over by black tape!

Again, the driver's side of the van is on the right. Note the view of the docks in the background.

A reverse view shows what the filming scene looked like in real life.

An enhanced detail of the reverse view shows the dock structures in correct orientation, confirming that the scene had been reversed. Note also the yellow ground level guards.

A similar view; this vantage point is slightly to the left of the one depicted in the scene. If this scene looks familiar, it's because just off to the left is where the scene with Sayid and CIA Agent Melissa Cole was filmed from the same episode.

This later scene with the bomb squad appears to have been filmed without reversal; the driver's side of the vehicles are not visible. The "29" and "27" are visible on the columns; in the filming location, "27" is correctly the final column on the makai (oceanside) exit. As additional evidence that the scene was not reversed, also note that these numbers and the "EXIT" signs are no longer obscured with tape.

A view in from the makai (oceanside) entrance to the structure. The photos above were taken from here through the iron grate fence. Column "27" is visible at center.

Note in this screencap that the Ford logo and the van's model number E150, remain reversed in the actual episode. The reversed model number resembles 0213.

Another way to tell the scene is flipped: Essam's mole in the previous outdoor scene was on the opposite side of his face.
As you enter Aloha Tower Marketplace, walk toward the tower. The interior of the building on the right is the filming location. Turn right at the tower and you will see the entrance behind the outdoor stage. While you are standing here, look directly out toward the docks; you are standing at the outdoor Aloha Tower filming location from the same episode.

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