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Aloha Stadium

This stadium is home to a weekly flea market, as well as the NFL Pro Bowl, and is well known for it rust problem that began soon after its construction.


Honolulu Advertiser: (2006) article on the future elimination of the baseball configuation
Honolulu Star-Bulletin: (2006) article on the elimination of the baseball configuration. Also mentions the rock concert configuation.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to NctrnlBst of the LOST-n-Found blog at Dharmasecrets, who explained the baseball and football setups for Aloha Stadium, which explains why a car could not drive up to the field during the football configuration.

99-500 Salt Lake Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96820


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Episode 2x01 Man of Science, Man of Faith Lost Virtual Tour

Running in a stadium in Los Angeles

The exact location of the running was between sections H, J, and K,

Another section sign

"You have to lift it up"
Episode 2x01 was filmed while Aloha Stadium was adjusted to its "Football" configuration.
Episode 2x23-2x24 Live Together, Die Alone Lost Virtual Tour

Exact location of this scene revealed here first.

Exact location of this scene revealed here first.

Desmond is about to be confronted by Penelope, while Jack arrives in the background.

Episode 2x23-2x24 was filmed while Aloha Stadium was in its "Baseball" configuration, allowing Jack and Desmond to drive up to the Mauka bullpen.

Discovered in Los Angeles by Penelope Widmore, who came all the way from KnightsBridge, UK

Note the matching street lamps.
Mauka means "mountainside." There is also a makai (oceanside) bullpen in the baseball configuration, and it is identical except for the covered benches.
More views of Aloha Stadium in its "Football" configuration.
Episode 6x11 Happily Ever After Lost Virtual Tour

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