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Ali'iolani Hale

This historic building was orignally designed as a palace for King Kamehameha V, and is now home to the Hawai'i Supreme Court. A gold-leafed statue of Kamehameha I the Great stands at front.


The conference room featured in Lost is in fact the Hawai'i Supreme Court's jury conference room. This room is a work area during the week, and is also located within a secure area closed to the public. The Lost film crew apparently filmed on a Sunday, hiring sheriff's deputies to unlock the building, and also obtained special permission to use the room within the secured area. Local wedding photographers frequently rent the lobby's rotunda staircase area (seen in 3x08), which involves hiring at least 2 sheriff's deputies to unlock the building and supervise for approximately $70/hour each (2 hour minimum).

The building is a historically significant sight, and includes an educational history museum that describes this building's history with the Hawaiian monarchy.

Ali'iolani Hale
417 S King St.
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813
(at Mililani St. directly opposite to Iolani Palace)

(808) 539-4994

Open: Weekdays and Saturday. The history center is open from 9am-4pm.


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Episode 1x10 Raised by Another Lost Virtual Tour

Claire meets with potential adoptive parents, Arlene and Joseph Stewart.

The room used in the filming was a court conference room, which is the third window from the left on the second floor.

The exact room was revealed here first.

In this historical schematic, the conference room filming location is Room #43.
The guard station at right behind the rotunda is the closest the public may get to the jury room, which lies within a secured area. The rotunda is also visible on the map above, and is topped with a stained glass skylight.
Episode 2x02 Adrift Lost Virtual Tour

Michael and his attorney Finney meet with Susan and her legal team.

See above; the room is apparently the same.

Note the door visible on the rear left. A matching door should be on the opposite wall to the right, out of view.

The chandeliers and decorative moldings indicate that this scene in Finney's office was also filmed within Ali'iolani Hale. Earlier broadcasts did not include the WTC Towers in the background.
The exact room is unconfirmed.
Episode 3x08 Flashes Before Your Eyes  

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