Episode 6x15
"Across the Sea"

Original air date: May 11, 2010

Flashback: Jacob, The Man in Black

Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Tucker Gates

Guest Starring: Kenton Duty as Young Jacob, Allison Janey as Mother, Lela Loren as Claudia, Mark Pellegrino as Jacob, Titus Welliver as The Man in Black

LOST Filming Location  
Jacob and MIB mom comes to shore Waimanalo Beach
Mother helps Jacob and MIB's mom Judd Trail stream
Mother delivers Jacob and MIB Hawaii Film Studio
Young MIB finds Senet Game Waimanalo Beach
Jacob and MIB play Senet Waimanalo Beach
Mother tells MIB she knows about game Papailoa Beach (just past grave yard)
Mother's Garden Nuuanu Pali Dr. Banyan
Young MIB and Jacob tell Mother they had seen men hunting Nuuanu Pali Dr. Banyan
Mother walks Yound MIB and Jacob to light cave Judd Trail (Jack Ass Ginger)
Light Cave Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u Stream)
MIB sees his real mom Waimanalo Beach
MIB sees people from across the sea Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u Valley)
Mother and Jacob realize MIB wont come back Papailoa Beach
MIB works with people from across the sea Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u Valley)
Jacob and MIB play Senet next to well Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u Valley)
MIB shows Mother the donkey wheel Hawaii Film Studio
Jacob becomes the new man in charge Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u Stream)
Village burned Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u Valley)
Jacob turns MIB into Smoke Monster Kualoa Ranch (Hakipuu stream)
Jacob finds MIB body Waihe'e Valley Trail Water Hole
Jacob takes MIB body to caves Judd Trail

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